Tele’mazu, Troll Monk!

After some fun running around the Pandaren starting area and getting Zhen-ju to level 12, and getting to Stormwind, and watching all the max level people milling about, I decided that I missed Orgrimmar and the Horde. Alliance…has never been my thing.

I briefly considered re-rolling Zhen-ju as Horde, but as I sat in the character creation screen I realized that I didn’t want to RP a Pandaren, or play one. They’re cute of course, but cute has never been my style.  I heard clearly in my head in the southern rumblings of one Alabama Gandalf the words “da spirits be restless!”

I made a Troll.


I haven’t played a Troll in some time, and hadn’t experienced their new starting area. They used to start with the Orcs in southern Durotar, but after the Cataclysm, and after Thrall appointed Garrosh Hellscream the new Warchief, Vol’jin led the Darkspear Trolls to the Echo Isles off the coast of Durotar. It is there the Trolls start now.

In Mists of Pandaria they tossed in a Monk Trainer and a couple of Monk starter quests. It does feel a little tacked on, but not too bad. It seems a wandering Pandaren explorer has come to the Echo Isles to offer training in the ways of the Monk.

Tele’mazu learned to Tiger Palm punch tiki masks and jungle cats.


From there she had to prove her worth against a Naga prisoner. The Naga are a long time enemy of the Trolls (well most of the Azeroth races, but I think Trolls in particular) and a band of them were encroaching on the Echo Isles, corrupting their raptors and stealing the raptor hatchlings.

Tele’mazu was dispatched to use her new Monk training to deal with the Naga, rescuing the hatchlings, destroying the corrupted Raptors, and ending the life of the Naga spellcaster causing these problems.

She then met up with a fellow trainee, Zuni, and together they went into the cave where the Naga were gathering. They were told to slaughter any Naga they found, and to put witch doctor tiki charms on the Naga war banners, to curse the Naga campaign.


After that, Tele’mazu and Vol’jin himself went to the peak of a small island where a Naga sorceress was leading the charge. She summoned angry spirits that Tele’mazu had to deal with whole Vol’jin fought the sorceress.  When she tried to draw power from burning braziers behind her, Tele’mazu was tasked with extinguishing them.

In the fighting, her new friend Zuni took a fatal blow, a comrade lost in action. But his death was not in vain as Tele’mazu and Vol’jin succeeded in defeating the Naga witch and ensuring the safety—at least for now—of the Echo Isle.

This great deed done it was clear that Tele’mazu had potential, and that she could not expand upon that potential stuck on the Echo Isles. She was told to go out into the world, to learn and to help her people, for the betterment of the Horde.


She left the Echo Isle and it’s lush jungle-covered ruins to the heat and desert of Durotar, to Sen’jin village to help another Troll settlement fight an encroaching Human invasion. The Northwatch Marines were taking up residence in a large fortress, and Tele’mazu was sent to dispatch a few and burn their battle plans before they could be put to use.

She also helped a strange witch doctor concoct a brew that allowed him to turn her into a frog, or a snake, or a chicken for a brief period.

It was an odd experience.

With Sen’jin villiage aided, she moved on to Razor Hill.


Located in the center of Duratar it is classical Orc architecture of outbuildings and huts covered in skins and large wooden spikes.  Certainly not the most beautiful of locations.

Here she was asked to take on another encroaching human force. A nearby fortress that had been manned by Kul Tiras soldiers had been destroyed by the Cataclysm, but now Northwatch Marines were moving in and needed to be dissuaded.

Tele’mazu went to take out some of the marines and sharp shooters, and to collect some Kul Tiras treasures for an enterprising goblin woman at Razor Hill.

She was then asked to fly some goods to Orgrimmar, and there she got a hair cut and saw the massive Orc city where Trolls were unwelcome under the leadership of Garrosh Hellscream.


She returned to Razor Hill after making her delivery, because more work still needed to be done!

Tele’mazu was level 8.

I had to remake her because I realized I’d gotten the name wrong. I’d put in Tezemalu which doesn’t sound as good. So Tele’mazu is actually still in Sen’jin villiage, and has to re-do all of this. But after that, new stories abound!


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