A Weekend of WoW and Marvel


This weekend was great, and is sadly over too quickly. Many good virtual things happened this weekend.

Firstly, the picture above is the final design for Khadon’s appearance. I settled on it after much flopsing around from black to white and all shades in between.  I can’t go back on it now as everyone at the Revelry this weekend got to know Khadon looking like the above.

Several RP guilds, including the one I am in, hosted a massive (and I mean massive) RP event this weekend, from Friday afternoon until late Sunday night. It took place in the town of Mar’at in Uldum, and it was quite the spectacle.  The Tirisfal Theater Co put on several plays and a improv contest. There was dueling tournaments and raffles, dances, sparring matches (dueling was pvp fighting, sparring was rp fighting) and even a market were people were selling crafted items, mounts, pets, etc. It was a lot of fun, and while I didn’t help put it on (since it had been in the works for months before I showed up) it was great to be there and be a part of the action.

It did make me realize a few things about Khadon’s character however. He’s too dumb. I did some tweaking to his profile to set myself up to have him learn and grow and get smarter over time. I’m just not having fun RPing an idiot. I thought it would be a different change to what I am used to, but he comes off as a child. I get a couple “aw poor Khadon” responses in guild chat or “khadon is adorable” responses, but despite those I don’t think people really take to him much.

I plan to slowly (but not too slowly) start making him learn, and each time I RP him he will be a bit less childish, a bit less stupid. He’ll be pretty quiet for a while, nods and grunts instead of trying to talk. I’ll RP him being very observant. And hopefully within a couple of weeks I can start having him be a bit more of a contributor to RP instead of an observer.

In terms of progression, after a grueling weekend of skinning farming for leather and bloods of sargeras, I finally got Khadon to ilvl 900.  I still need to finish Suramar and get on regularly to do my daily quests to work on rep and unlock flying. But I’ve also decided to start leveling my monk as well.


I’ve loved my pandaren monk Zylan since MoP was released and I made her. Druid is my favorite and Khadon is my RP character, but in my off time once I finish Suramar with Khadon I’ll probably start leveling Zylan.

I can’t decide though if I want to hold off leveling her until Khadon unlocks flying. It’s the similar boat I was in with Khadon, I debated waiting for my priest to unlock flying before leveling Khadon, but decided to do it anyway.

I’ve still got a ways to go. I need to get to revered with all the factions, exalted with Armies of Legionfall, finish Suramar, and finish a couple quest chains still. That is probably several weeks away.  I think what I may do is get online with Khadon, do all the world quests, and then if no RP is going on, and no dungeons/raids are going on, I’ll play on my monk. I’m excited to get her to 110, but not so excited to quest through all that content again.

I still want to focus on Khadon as my main, there are more things I want to unlock. Especially the Balance of Power glowing bear/cat skins that require mythic dungeons.

I don’t know how long it will take to do all the world quests in the broken isles and broken shore every day. I may not have time to do that and play on my monk except on weekends, but we’ll see how it goes. I’ll probably see if my panda can join the guild as alt, so I can be aware of when RP stuff is happening or if people are doing dungeons/raids I can jump in on.

I can’t decide what spec to do my monk. I stupidly chose Mistweaver as the first artifact weapon, which was dumb because I can’t kill anything it takes 20 minutes to kill one thing. I purchased some fist weapons from the AH in an attempt to go Windwalker but that doesn’t seem to work any better. It will be a real struggle to get to level 102 and be able to go after another weapon, and I don’t know what I want to do for endgame. I don’t think I want to heal, so I’ll probably try DPS.

When I needed to take a break from WoW I decided to start re-watching all the marvel movies in order of release.  I started with Iron Man on Friday night, I skipped the Incredible Hulk because I didn’t really care for it, I like Ruffalo as the hulk better, so I went right to Iron Man 2 after I watched the first one. Saturday I watched Thor, and then Sunday afternoon I watched Captain America. I will probably watch the Avengers tonight.

Then I’ll have Iron Man 3, Thor: the Dark World, Winter Soldier, Guardians 1, Age of Ultron, Ant Man, Civil War, Doctor Strange. Guardians 2 and Homecoming aren’t available on Amazon yet I don’t think.  I’ll probably get to all those over the course of the week. I’m looking forward to Ragnarok, I actually really like the Thor movies. I’m very excited about future Marvel Movies in general. I’m very excited for Infinity War, and looking forward to Black Panther and all the rest.

My last bit of weekend news is that I did exceptionally well in the staying on the wagon track. I remained under my calorie goal since Friday, and didn’t do any snacking that wasn’t planned and logged. I set a new calorie goal to 1200, so even though I am technically allowed 1570, setting it at 1200 makes it easier to trick myself into staying under. While 2 of the 3 days I went over the 1200 amount, it was over by less than 100 calories, so I will still under my real goal.

One of the things that helped was Friday I did a writing exercise. I wrote several pages of something like a blog post written as if it were in the future and I had succeeded in losing weight and my other goals. I spoke specifically about Friday, July 21st as the day I got back on the wagon and stayed there. It was uplifting, like a pep-talk for myself.

I am trying to evaluate each day. Saturday I was actually under the 1200 calorie mark by about 20 calories. At the end of that day as I lay in bed I asked myself questions like “am I hungry?” and “do I feel any different right now than I do when I’m lying in bed having eating junk all day?”

The answers were things like no, I am not hungry, no I don’t feel like I denied myself anything. No I don’t regret not eating chips with dinner. And yes I feel different, I feel proud of doing good today as opposed to shitty for doing poorly. I look forward to getting on the scale in the morning rather than dreading it.

Throughout the day, when I am finding I want to snack, it is making it easier to remind myself that the joy of eating junk food only lasts as long as I am eating it. Once it’s done, for the rest of the day I feel regret, annoyance, disappointment. But, if I do good, if I don’t snack, I fight a bit of cravings for a while, but by the end of the day I feel good about myself. Not to mention the long-lasting effects of not being fat anymore.

I’ve heard a lot of people say that when you argue with yourself you’ve already lost. I always believed that until now. You do need to argue with yourself, but you need to wait until yourself can listen to reason. Arguing in the heat of the moment doesn’t work, you need to prepare yourself beforehand, know the points of your argument, convince yourself, so that when the moment arrives you don’t need to argue, just remember the argument you already had and won.

Anyway, enough gabbing for me today, best do some work at work.


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