Raiding: my new favorite thing?

Have I been selling myself short?

Last night my super awesome guild decided to do some raids for achievements. There are fun achievements you can get for winning boss fights with certain conditions met. We went for some of those last night and it’s some of the most fun I’ve ever had playing this game.

We were all in discord, and I actually came out of my shell a bit to talk. There was strategy.  As the main tank this time I felt important, and I had important things to do. It was great!  And we did it on heroic and not only did I not die, but I held aggro, I was able to pull it when I needed to off the co-tank, and everything went super smooth. The only time we wiped was when we did so on purpose because we failed the achievement condition.

I shall now go into detail about each fight!

The first we did was the undead dragon in Emerald Nightmare.  Here the boss would put a debuff on you, some kind of disease, and you would need to run away from the group in the few seconds before it went off and left a round circle of green ick on the ground that other people had to avoid, so you needed to be away in a corner when it went off.

When the other tank got this debuff, I had to taunt the boss so he could run away without dragging the boss with him, and vice versa. We had to actually control our DPS, because the achievement to this one was to pop 15 glowbugs when she did a specific cooldown that summed tons of creepy crawlies.

We marked the areas where the glow bugs spawn (5 a round) and 5 people would claim each color marker and when the boss summoned the bugs those people would go to the markers and wait for them to spawn and click on them. Meanwhile we had to slow down our damage on the boss so she could get off 3 of these cooldowns before she died (we could have easily taken her down before the second one, let alone the third!).

The second one we did was Ursoc, or a corrupted version of him. He was the most fun. We put down markers again for the fight, because the raid group needed to be split into 2 groups. When someone in group A got targeted with a charge attack, all of group A needed to run to the blue marker, so they would all share some of the damage of the charge (it would insta-kill a single person).  Then they would switch which group.

I’m not entirely sure exactly how that worked, but as tank I wasn’t part of that. The tanks were outside those groups, because again we had to swap aggro. The boss did two debuffs, and it was instant death if you got both. So when I got one, the other tank would taunt so the second would go to him. I think they were Overload and Something about Ripping? I dunno. But when I got Overload, the other tank would taunt so he would get Rip (or whatever) because if one of us got both Overload and Rip it’s insta-death.

I was able to pull aggro when that happened. I don’t know how I would ever do it without Deadly Boss Mods, which put big letters on the screen “Rip on (Name), taunt now!” and I’d taunt. It’s really easy, which makes it something I can actually do!

The final one we attempted, and almost got (but determined it was too difficult with only 12 people) was the spider boss. This one I can’t wait to try again. What you have to do for the achievement is pop specific spider eggs before the fight is over, I think there are 7 or 8. The boss area is split up into platforms, some reachable by web bridges, others off in space a ways away, too far to jump.

At a specific point the boss turns from a spider to a bird and drops feathers. You run through a feather to get the ability to fly by hitting jump, then use the action button to click where you want to land. Certain people needed to get the eggs, and some required these feathers (which are also there as part of normal fight mechanics so you can follow the boss when she jumps around the platforms).

For me as the tank it would have just been a matter of following the boss, but also sticking with whoever I was linked to (which in my case was the other tank) and by sticking with I mean practically standing on top of. A glowing line connects you and if you move too far away you die, so I stuck with him.

She also drops green gross stuff on the ground that you can’t step in, so she needs to be constantly kitied around in such a way that you can control where the goo goes.

We didn’t have enough people to go after eggs and DPS the boss down, because the far away eggs once you get there you’re stuck there for a time. So we decided to call it a night then (it was almost midnight).

It was a whole lot of fun and I can’t wait to do more. I’m going to watch videos on all the boss fights so I can learn the mechanics of them.

Also, I talked to my guild about getting mythic dungeon groups together to work towards that Balance of Power, and people were all for it (because they need it too) and it only requires mythic 1 or 0 or whatever the lowest is, which at my ilvl I could do up to mythic 6 I think someone said, so mythic 0 would be easy.


Lastly I finally got a screenshot of the mog I am working on. The pants aren’t what I want, there are specific pants that drop from Emerald Nightmare that I want, and also the boots from Trial of Valor. But otherwise it’s almost complete.

Ignore the skin color there, I was messing around again before bed and didn’t change back to his brown + white. Though I kind of like it!  I like that he doesn’t exactly look like a druid, he looks like a warrior.

This weekend I hope to finish Suramar. Today when I get home from work my focus will be doing daily quests. If I ever want to unlock flying I need to start doing all the daily quests every day to farm rep, but I’ve been neglecting them.  Once I finish Suramar it’ll just be doing world quests every day to farm rep, and having fun doing raids/dungeons.

And RP! I can’t forget about RP 🙂


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