I came back to WoW a little over a month ago now, I think. The desire was sparked by seeing my Facebook page reminding me of 6-year-old memories when I was out taming all the rare spawn pets.

That was a time. I spent hours standing in one place with the NPC scan addon going, waiting for Skoll or Skarr or Terrorpene to appear. I would sit and read while the game was running, or even nap with my headphones on so the loud noise would wake me up. I devoted so much time to that, and now I don’t even play that hunter anymore.

And now, six years later here I am returned to the game I was sure I had abandoned for good. It’s hard to give something up that you quite literally grew up with. I was 20 when WoW came out, barely out of high school. I built my first PC for WoW so I could play on max settings (which looked nowhere near as good as they do now).

Last night I finally finished the grind to get my Druid class mount, the Lunarwing form in the picture above. It’s a new druid shapeshift form. Sadly I haven’t yet unlocked flying, I’ve got a bit of a reputation grind to suffer through first.  So, on to that.

I need to:
Finish Suramar (I’ve been dragging my feet, but I’ll work on that today)
Do all the world quests! They reward rep. I’ve been dragging my feet there too.

It got me thinking, why do I play? What will I do after I unlock flying? I also started the very long 5-week grind of getting a legendary staff from an old world raid. I run a few old world raids every week in hope of mount drops. I un-deleted a few of the characters I deleted for the sole purpose of parking them right outside the Eye so I can do 8 Ashes runs a week.


I have a few things I enjoy doing. Mostly RP, and that’s why I am constantly farming for gear for other mogs, like the set above that I put together last night. It’s probably not something I’d RP in, but I like it.

I also like unlocking stuff, and the artifact weapon appearances are one thing I would like to do.  There are 2 that I want.

The first is one that requires a fair amount of Mythic dungeons and some raiding. Luckily it looks like getting at least the lower tier of this one wont be too bad, since I’ve already successfully tanked a Mythic +6 in my current gear.  When I get to the 915 that is my goal for the other unlock I should be able to swing it.

That goal is to get the werebear form.


That requires completing the Mage Tower challenge, and requires a decent ilvl and a specific legendary that increases the radius of one of your abilities.  I’m at 892 right now. Once I get some ilvl 900s to replace my 850-870s I’ve got now getting 915 shouldn’t be an issue at all.

I want to look into crafting. I’m a leatherworker, so I should be able to craft some gear and level it up to 900. With my one legendary at 970 once I get all my other stuff to 900 my ilvl should go up pretty good. So I’ll probably look into getting my leatherworking done.

Once I’ve got the werebear, and my ilvl is over 900, doing the baseline mythics to unlock the other stuff shouldn’t be too hard. And luckily my current guild sometimes does mythics and asks for people to join, so I don’t think I’ll have too much trouble getting it done.  Here’s what that form looks like:


It’s pretty sweet.  There are four colors, blue is the baseline, green just requires defeating 8 of the world bosses, which shouldn’t be hard at all. Green requires a mythic +15 which I may not be able to achieve, and red, the most prestigious, requires several raiding achievements I doubt I will get.  When I see a red or green bear, I know that person has some skill.

There is a PvP set of appearances too but I’m not too interested in those.

So there is a lot I want to get done.

I want to unlock flying
I want to gear up to at least ilvl 915
I want to do the Mage Tower challenge
I want to do the Balance of Power mythic achievement to unlock the glowy bears
I want to get the legendary staff which will let me turn into:


Pretty sweet.

I also want to get Ashes of A’lar and Invincible, and a few mog pieces.

And I want to get caught up on all that stuff before the next patch which is currently on PTR. Not sure when it is going live, but I want to be able to jump into that stuff when it is new and fresh with everyone else.  I’d like to be able to join my guild in seeing what Argus has to offer.

And lastly, RP, which seems tacked on as an afterthought but is the main reason why I play. Once I complete all the stuff above in a few weeks or a couple months or however long it takes, it will be RP that keeps me coming back.  I struck gold with this RP guild, they do stuff almost every night but it’s not required and they don’t pester people to join—they don’t have to. Most of their events have at least 8+ people in attendance, and the guild usually has 15+ members on at any one time.

People are RPing, running Mythics, doing guild runs, questing together. It’s really pretty special and I look forward to taking part in more stuff once I can.


As for bear tanking, a lot of my fears are slowly going away. I’ve been doing more LFR runs (looking for raid) which has given me a chance to practice. It’s pretty easy, super easy actually, but it’s letting me teach myself to pay attention to the fight not my bars, to look at for mechanics, and I am finding it much easier to hold aggro now that my gear is decent and my artifact weapon is almost fully fleshed out.

I’m only a few traits away from having it done (unlocking Concordance) and already I see such a boost to my abilities.  LFR is helping me learn certain things, mostly to stay calm, to keep an eye out for mechanics. I’m able to stay calm because of how easy it is, there is no terrible wipe caused if I make a mistake in LFR.  So I am able to relax, to not panic, and to learn. It’s a lot of fun.

I’m glad I came back.  I’m sure I’ll get burnt out again, quit again, come back again, it’s my nature. But for now, I am having fun.



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