Transmoggy Goodness


I did some more Khadon appearance tweaking. I decided to go with brown fur because it just looks better with most of the druid-y xmogs. I then had some fun doing Outland raids.

I decided to take a break from Legion stuff because I was feeling a little burnt out. I was looking at my quest log and seeing all the stuff I still have to do to unlock flying, my new class mount, my new artifact appearances, etc and just felt a bit overwhelmed. I didn’t know what to do first and didn’t feel like doing any of them.

So I says to myself, I says: “Khadon, why do stuff you don’t wanna do?”

Instead of doing Legion stuff I worked on my crafting and got my leatherworking all the way from 200 something to 780 (max is 800 for those that don’t know).  It cost me about 10k gold in leather off the auction house, but that’s ok.

I also did my leatherworking quests. One of which took me to the top of a mountain in Highmountain overlooking Suramar. I may have fallen off the mountain while trying to get a screenshot of Suramar city in the distance. I thought “shit” and then I took a screenshot:


I then decided to start knocking out some of the old world content and farming transmog gear. I did all the outlands raids except Karazan (I started it but gave up at the chess encounter). I got all the pieces of the sweet set in the picture above.

Tonight I might go do the classic raids and maybe the wrath of the lich king raids, and depending on how long that takes I might do cataclysm.  Apparently I should also be able to solo MoP and maybe WoD though WoD will still be challenging.

Once I’ve done all the old world raids in the game I’ll go back to doing the Legion stuff I should be doing.

I still need to unlock my flying mount. It’s gated behind the Broken Shores achievement, which requires me to do a couple heroics and a normal raid I believe which is a bit offputting.

I also need to unlock all my druid appearances. They won’t be unlockable after the expansion is over. I especially want that sweet werebear form.


That’s the most difficult to get and apparently requires at least 910 ilvl and one of the legendaries to do with any amount of ease.  I have 870 ilvl right now, and am not sure I’ll be able to get up to 910. I’m not sure what gear I can get from LFR content, but the legendary I do have a chance to get, if I keep doing my Legion stuff.


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