We Wiped, and it was my fault.

Last night I stayed up entirely too late doing the timewalking Black Temple raid. I didn’t get to bed until around 2AM.

I had fun at first, but in the final battle against Illidan we failed, wiping 4 times, and each one was my fault.


We went through the raid well enough at first. I was one of 2 tanks, the other a Brewmaster Monk who was certainly better geared and skilled than myself.  One of my addons, Kuinameplates, is color-coded to tell me when I am holding all the aggro on an enemy. If I have it the bar is red, yellow if I have it but not well (losing it), and grey if I don’t have aggro. The other color is purple, which means a fellow tank has it.

It was purple on every one the entire time. The brewmaster might as well have been solo tanking the entire thing. I felt so useless. But at least we were getting through it and I hadn’t died yet, so I just enjoyed the run with my guild and getting some sweet drops.

Our first wipe was on Bloodboil. On this boss the two tanks (me and the brewmaster) had to swap aggro on the boss when we got a certain debuf. I was able to get aggro for this fight when I needed to, but never held it for long. It was enough though and though we wiped once we were able to take him down the second time.

Then we got to Illidan.


This one too we need to tank swap, because the Brewmaster at least would run out of mitigation abilities to soak the damage, so I was supposed to take over aggro so he could restore while his mitigations came back.

I wasn’t able to pull aggro from him. Each time we wiped (though we always wiped on phase 2, I’ll get to that) he had all the threat and held aggro the entire way through. Even once we tried having me start off as the first tank, and within a few seconds he would have aggro again.

We did manage to get through it each of the 4 times and on to phase 2, but that is were we died, and still here it was my fault. Illidan throws down his warglaives and summons the flames. Each tank is supposed to take one of the flames. They can’t get close to each other or they do enough damage to wipe the group.

I wasn’t able to hold aggro on the flame. The brewmaster wasn’t taking it this time (he had his own on the other side), so I know it wasn’t his fault, it was something I was doing.  I couldn’t for the life of me figure it out. One of the raid people googled it and found that growl to get threat doesn’t work on this fight (something about it being older) but that my abilities (swipe, mangle, thrash, moonfire) should have been enough to hold it. I was doing everything I was supposed to.

My priorities are:

  1. Mangle off CD (and when it procs)
  2. Thrash off CD
  3. Swipe when they are on CD
  4. Moonfire when it procs
  5. Ironfur or Maul with my rage depending on the circumstances (I tried focusing on both, or just one or the other, neither approach worked)
  6. Other mitigation as needed.

It’s not rocket science.  I am pretty sure that’s right, and yet I couldn’t hold aggro. I just wasn’t getting it. I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong.


At around 1:20 everyone decided to call it after the 4th wipe on Illidian (the last of which most of the raid had dropped out after the 2nd wipe, some more after the 3rd). I had relinquished my role as tank on the final fight, to let someone who might be able to actually do it take over. We still wiped, that time partially my fault because I couldn’t offpsec to dps and tank just doesn’t pull enough dps, and with all the drops we didn’t have the dps we needed to win the day.

It was depressing, especially since with these timewalking raids we can’t just come back and go straight to Illidian like other raids, we’ll have to do the entire thing all over again.

I’ll probably sit it out.

I need to learn what I did wrong, and learn to fix it. I need to get better first. I’ve tried trying to figure it out on my own to no avail. Everything I find seems to say I was doing the right thing, except maybe not using Maul and Rage of the Sleeper enough. It’s also possible that my talents were to blame. I’ll look into those more closely and see if there is a better talent set up for holding aggro.

I had a lot of fun raiding, and though I am very disappointed in the outcome, it just affirms that I want to get better, I want to be good at this. I want to be a great tank that people want in their raids. I am filled with a determination to master druid tanking and be the best I can be and get better.

I think my first priority is to level up my artifact weapon. It’s a little more than halfway there so I’ll focus on that. World quests and order hall missions with AP rewards will be my priority until I get it maxed out.

My second priority will be doing research to find out if I need to change any of my talents. And maybe learn more about what the talents do and how to use them best and how to know when to switch them out for specific fights and purposes.

I want to know my abilities inside and out.


I want Khadon here to be known as a damn good tank. If my guild is actually going to be doing raiding on a regular basis, I want to feel like when I go it’s because I’m good and they want/need me, not because I’m being carried like a newb out of pity.



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