Khadon – Settling In


Alright, so I settled on his fur color and his current “beginner” armor mog (minus the glowing fist weapons, I take those off for RP).

It took me some time. I went all white because I wanted to be a special snowflake. I thought about going all black because he’d look super brutal in the armor I’ve got planned for when he returns from the Broken Shores. (I meant to get a pic of the xmog from mogIt but forgot).

I decided to go with an in-between. Black and white. I may change the horns, but otherwise I like how he looks and I’m going to inscribe it in stone. (I can’t be at too many more RP events before people start to notice Khadon’s fur changing color constantly).

I completed the 4 main zones of legion last night, finishing up Azsuna as I had hoped and beginning Suramar.  I’ve also made solid progress on my druid campaign, and am in the final stages now. This puts my druid at almost the same content as my priest was at. Once I finish the class campaign and Suramar I’ll have surpassed my priest (who hadn’t yet finished suramar).  It will then be on to the Legionfall campaign and the Broken Shores. I hope to get there this weekend so that I can see first hand what it is like for Khadon’s RP purposes.

Flying can take a back seat, though I do want to unlock my class mount.

There was more RP to be had last night, as there appears to be every night in the guild I am in. I opted again to sit it out and instead focus on actual game progression.


Healthwise I did overindulge a bit yesterday, I got a couple things from the vending machine, so I didn’t get back on the wagon. But today I am determined. I’ve not had anything from the vending machine yet and I don’t intend to.


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