Sacred Bones

(Sadly I did not take screenshots for this one, it was exciting enough that I was too engrossed in the RP. Enjoy!)

Khadon reported to the elder’s tent with the other druids and shaman. He found his seat among them and waited.  He did not have to wait long before a pure white Tauren in ceremonial garb entered, followed by Ox, a female white Tauren Khadon recognized from his own tribe. The two snow-white Shu’halo walked through the assembled group to stand before them. The male spoke.

“Greetings. To those of you who do not know me, I am chief of the Whitehorn tribe. There is a matter to which our two tribes hope to attend and why you are gathered here this day…”

He went on to describe the site of a Tauren village, which had been attacked and taken over by the Legion. Khadon sat horrified as the elder told the tale of destruction, of the entire village being laid to waste by the invading legion, and their bodies used to fuel a massive soul engine in the center of what was once a peaceful village.

Their task was to go to the village now that the demons had abandoned it, and gather up the dead, so that the shaman might see them to their final rest.  Khadon felt uncomfortable, he had been around demons before, but not the dead. He was new to the Tauren way of life, he was only learning of their gods and ancestors, and their reverence for the spirits and the afterlife. He worried he might do something disrespectful, and was terrified of what he did not yet know or understand. Would the dead be angry? Would they harm the Wolfmane seeking only to help?

Khadon went with the tribe as they set out for the village between the Barrens and Mulgore, on the edge of what was once a beautiful lake but now was tainted with fel energy. The village stunk of death and burning flesh, but he trudged in with the others.

It was the Shaman’s work to gather the bones with respect and place them in the baskets on the backs of the druid’s in their various forms.  Elements and Spirits were their domain, the druids aided the animals and plants and nature of the world. Today, Khadon was a pack pule, and a protector, but he did not mind. Nor did the other druids who saw the importance of the Shaman’s task.

Khadon stood in his bear form, baskets laced across his back, his eyes scanning every direction for possible danger. He watched Pake, the smallest, youngest of the Shaman sifting through the bones of the dead, tears making tracks down her face. She was careful not to touch the bones crusted green with fel. Those were gathered up with cloth and gloves, to be cleansed later—if possible.  Khadon did not envy the Shaman’s the task ahead. They would need to commune with the dead, to seek their aid in dividing the bones into individuals from the piles they now rested in, to hear the stories of each death, and to ease the passing of the spirits as each one was laid to rest.

A ear-shattering screech filled the air emanating from the soul engine as it burst to life, sensing the lifeforms there. Khadon roared in fear and anger as the others all leaped to their feet.  Quickly the shaman piled bones into the baskets, not worrying about showing respect now, just wanting to flee before legion portals opened and spilled demons from beyond.

Khadon growled, urging Pale to hurry. Within moments the baskets were full as best they could be. Pake moved to collect a bit more, but Khadon had seen the first signs of a portal opening not far. He shoved his nose beneath the tiny shaman, pushing her up onto his back. She squealed in sudden fear but he felt her grab on. He wasted no time charging for safety.

The tauren of the two tribes headed for the Whitehorn chief who had created a protective barrier around an area across the lake.  Khadon heard the hooves of demons emerging behind him and lowered his head, charging at full speed.

“Careful, the bones!” Pake yelled. Khadon tried to smooth his stride without slowing down but he heard a couple bones fall from his basket. He charged into the barrier and skidded to a halt, allowing Pake to slide off his back. He watched as a contingent of legion demons slammed against the shield.

The barrier was strategically placed between the two walls of a cliff creating a little valley behind them, but they were essentially backed into a corner. “Run! Get the bones to safety!”  yelled the Whitemane chief. Many of the druids shifted to their flying forms. This was something Khadon had not yet mastered. He watched the other druids as the Shaman affixed the baskets over the backs of the great owls and climbed aboard. Pake watched him, looking nervous.

Khadon closed his eyes, trying to calm himself as he begged the spirit of Avianna to please let him do this. “I don’t know you yet, bird spirit, but I need your help.” He concentrated. He could hear Pake calling his name and dread filled him. He heard the whitehorn chief shout something about the barrier falling. With a roar that turned into a bird-like screech Khadon exploded into feathers. With barely any time to spare Pake climbed upon his back and Khadon took to the air.

He heard and explosion as he flew and felt the force propel him forward down the canyon. He looked back to see the legion swarming where the barrier had been with no sign of the Whitehorn chief or Ox who had stood resolutely by his side.  He let out another screech as he flew to the mountain mesa where the other druids were landing.

The Shaman and druids huddled together, watching the legion forces swarm the canyon before finally going back through their portals. The feared the worst, until coughing behind them made them all turn to see Ox and the chieftain on the ground behind them.  How they had managed to teleport there Khadon did not know, and didn’t care. He was just relieved they survived.

The tribe flew home, the bones rattling in their baskets, and landed on the Spirit Rise of Thunder bluff to unload their precious cargo. With a sigh Khadon settled himself down beside one of the tent posts to rest.  The tribe thanked each other and milled about discussing the day’s events before finally breaking up, the druids off to their own devices while the Shaman set to work on the difficult task of setting the dead to rest.


I am very pleased with this guild I joined. They seem to have events like this once or twice a week, and RP regardless almost every night. Last night there was some kind of Story Circle (though I elected not to attend, I wanted to get some questing done instead) that from the looks of the roster had more than 12 people in attendance.


Meanwhile I changed Khadon’s look a bit. This is of course not his RP appearance. I just wanted him to look more like a bad ass while questing around the broken isles. I wanted to try and make the most intimidating looking thing I could just for fun.

This wont be what he looks like when I RP, I’ll switch out the appearance for actual play.  However, I am struggling to define his character, and his appearance. I had made him all white in an attempt to make him special and to stand out. But there were 3 all white tauren in the group during the above RP event.

I looked around during a couple of events, wondering what colors were least common. Then I realized (or berated myself) that designing a character appearance to be a special snowflake wasn’t the right motivation. I decided to instead turn to the lore.

I like the story of the Highmountain tribe in the new Highmountain zone, with their blessing from Cenarius for the antlers of Eche’ro (the moose).


You can’t get these antlers in the game, but there are broken off versions of horns where they end in stubs, making it possible to RP as a Highmountain that has had it’s horns hacked or broken off.

Of course, my choice to make Khadon not remember his life before means he, and no one else but me, will ever know he was Highmountain.  Highmountain tauren tend to be shades of brown, I don’t believe I’ve seen a single all-white one, though there was a couple grey ones who are old. And I haven’t seen any black ones.

So when I get home tonight I will probably change Khadon’s appearance to be brown, and his horns to be broken off.

I’ve also given some thought to his personality. I think I want the other night’s event to effect him. During the RP I had him get upset by the soul engine, the devastation, and all the dead. He spoke to another Tauren, a heavily armored warrior who spoke of fighting the demons on the Broken Shore.  I think Khadon is going to join up with the horde forces on the broken shore, and “grow up” in a sense, through battle.

I’ll post some screen shots of his new appearance once I’ve got it. I want him to come back from war wearing more intimidating armor than what he left wearing:


I got a new addon called MogIt and discovered the wonderful world of building transmog sets from items I don’t own yet. So I’ll need to track down a few, but I’ve got almost everything I need. There are a couple pieces I will get from doing the Broken Shores, which I hopefully will be able to get to this weekend (I hope to finish Azsuna today or tomorrow and finish Suramar before the weekend, then have the weekend to finally get into content I haven’t seen yet: the Broken Shore.

I also need to get geared up to do raids because I desperately need these boots.  That is a link to Moccasins of the Silent Passage, the only known boots to cover tauren hooves with what looks like straps of metal. I need them, they are awesome, and I can only get them in Trial of Valor a raid that I need 830 ilevel to run the Looking for Raid version.

To create the narrative of Khadon gone to war though will take some time. I can’t have him disappear when no one even really knows him. I’ll continue to attend events while I work on perfecting my “return from war” mog. Keeping up with Khadon learned the Tauren and Druid ways.

Though he is a druid I want him to be more of a fighter, a warrior, someone who channels the strength and rage of Ursoc himself in battle, and a master of forms, rather than someone dedicated to plants and animals. He will protect the wilds of course, as is his duty as a druid, but protecting his tribe and the world from the Legion will take precedence.

I am having a lot of fun this return to WoW, as much fun as I had during Cata when I was also in a pretty active RP guild (though that one was much smaller and fell apart due to drama. This one is much much larger and has been in business for several years). I am enjoying tanking and enjoying the new content.

More to come I am sure!


For those of you that follow for my physical and mental health updates and ramblings:
I fell off the wagon hard. I’ve barely been tracking my calories except to just add something so MFP says I’ve been active X days in a row. That’s dumb, because I haven’t been logging everything and I’ve been over-eating terribly.

I need and want to get back on track. Mentally I’ve decided to just do what I want to do, to stop forcing myself to be creative, to write, to be the “perfect me” I want to be. I like paying wow, watching youtube videos and binge watching shows. I binge watched Elementary’s latest season over a weekend. But I do want to lose weight, I do want to build my own house. Those two are the primary focus right now.

So, I decided to climb back on the wagon starting today. I will log my food, I won’t visit the vending machine, and I will stay under my calorie goal. I need to re-dedicate myself to my weight loss.

Once it gets cooler I’ll start walking at lunch again too.


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