Pathfinder Part 1 & 2

World of Warcraft is what is on my brain right now and so that is what I will probably be talking about in this blog for a bit. Until my usual cycle of getting burned out and quitting goes into effect.

Last night I made some progress on my quest to unlock flying in the Broken Isles. The following achievements are required:

Part 1
*Explore every zone in the Broken Isles
*Reach Revered rep with the (5 or 6) factions.
*Complete the main quest chains of each of the zones
*Do 100 World Quests
*Complete your class order hall quest chain

Part 2
*Explore the Broken Shore
*Earn Revered with the Legionfall army

So far my priest has explored every zone, and last night I completed my class order hall quest chain. I only have one quest chain left to complete the final zone.

Exploring the broken shore wont take long. The bitch will be doing 100 world quests and getting Revered with 6 factions. So for a couple weeks it will be doing world quests and doing whatever needs doing on the Broken Shore.

I’ve also got a quest log full of dungeon/raid related quests, so I’ll probably see if I can finish those up. But my main focus now will be doing world quests, as they reward rep (among other things) and will be the best way to start working through the grind.

It shouldn’t be too bad, I’m already honored with most of them, and Revered is the next rank. I am hoping to get a decent chunk done this weekend. The sooner I get that done the sooner I can start on my druid, who will have an easy time flying around completing quests.

My main focus for him will just be to get him to 110 and then maybe find a halfway decent RP guild. I found one on the website called the Wolfmane Tribe that looks like a pretty active and dedicated RP guild with a fair number of max level characters (so hopefully members interested in doing PvE and/or PvP stuff too!).

So, I’ll need to think up some personality for my druid. Like I said in a previous post I think I want to go with a more warrior-esque/barbaric vibe with him, something I don’t often RP. Someone brash, maybe hot-headed, but also honorable.


I updated his transmog (the way his armor looks, for those who don’t play WoW. You can collect the appearances of armor you find it game and visit a NPC in cities to convert the appearance of the armor you’re wearing into the appearance of any armor you’ve collected. The NPC is called a transmorgrifier, so people call the appearances they creat “transmogs” or “mogs”).

It’s the best I can do with the limited stuff I’ve collected so far, but it looks pretty bestial. I especially love the helm. I’ve got a few ideas for improvements. I want to make him look like someone who lives off the land, and spends more time in forms than not. There are some chest pieces that are more like harnesses of leather straps, and pants that you can’t seen beneath belts that look like rugged loincloths. That’s the kind of look I want to go for.

I may even make him lower intelligence.  I like to think of myself as a smart person, and so I tend to RP characters who are also smart, talkative, etc. I think it’s time I played someone who would sooner talk with their fists (or in the case of a shape-changing druid: their claws).  I like the idea of someone with almost Incredible Hulk like rage, and maybe I can befriend someone in the guild who is able to calm Khadon down when he gets into a fury. But I don’t want to expect/rely on that, and I don’t want my character to be a nuisance.

I kind of want him to be a former pit fighter. I know those exist, the king of Stormwind himself spent time as a gladiator slave in fighting pits. But I don’t want to be too cliche about it. Maybe instead he was kind of the brutish protector of some recluse wizard who kept him like a junkyard dog protecting his home, so he was treated as such and raised basically to attack anything that got too close.

We’ll see what I do with it, I’ll give it some greater thought. I’ve got time, since it’ll take me probably at least 2 weeks to finish unlocking flying. I could start leveling my druid right now, but I’d really like to unlock flying first to make questing easier.

In other news, my eyeballs feel fine. I was able to stop using the antibiotic and steroid drops today, and I only need to do lubricating drops 4 times a day, but my eyes don’t feel dry at all. I get occasional bouts of dryness, but putting in the drops strangely makes it feel worse, not better. It feels better at first for the first few seconds of the drops being in my eyes, but after about a minute they feel drier than they did before I put the drops in. It happens rarely though so it’s not a huge issue.


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