My return to WoW so far.

I now accept my frequent changes in things I like, and have decided that me saying “never” is probably a bad idea. I said I would never go back to WoW when I went to ESO. I said even if ESO stopped being fun I was probably done with WoW. I was very sure of that fact when the new expansion hit and I didn’t bother getting it. I didn’t even bat an eye. There wasn’t even the slightest desire to get it back then. And yet, here I am, back in Azeroth. I should never say never, especially about a game that I’ve played on-again off-again since April 2005.

I’m not much of an end-game kind of person. I don’t race to the finish line, and in most cases I don’t strive for the best gear so I can do top-tier content. That has never been a motivator for me.  The game offers so much to do however that sometimes I get burnt out because I want to do to much and it becomes overwhelming.

A few weeks back I started seeing Facebook memories crop up, trying to get me to share memories from 3-4 years ago during a time when I was posting a lot of screen shots of WoW as I hunted the epic rare pets on my worgen hunter. The nostalgia hit in and I started browsing the forums to just get an idea of the state of the game. I came across a post for a worgen-only RP guild on my server and that is what caused me to return.

I was hooked again. Even though the guild has proven pretty lackluster. I’m almost always the only one on, and most of the people RP after I go to bed, so I haven’t gotten much use from them. Also, as much as I love worgen (werewolves!) my heart will forever be with the Horde and Tauren, and with my Tauren druid specifically.


His name is Khadon. He is currently level 101 Balance Druid.

I enjoy balance but I kind of want to utalize the forms so I am thinking of going with Feral instead once I hit 102 and can go after a different artifact weapon.

I am, however, mostly playing on my Worgen priest, because she at 110 is through most of the content. I have a few more things I need to do to unlock flying, and then Khadon here will have a much easier time questing and leveling. So once I finish the requirements to unlock flying on my Worgen, I’ll probably switch to using my druid full time. The guild I joined for just isn’t doing it for me.

I am a little late to the party, and wont be working to really catch up to end-game stuff for Legion. Instead I’ll probably spend the expansion working on achievements. I’ve got a lot of old world stuff I want to get through. Grinding reputation with all the old factions from vanilla to legion, and collecting mounts, maybe even doing some pet battles. I’m also debating getting in to PvP. I used to heal in PvP back during Cataclysm and actually had a fair amount of fun with it, so I may focus on Feral and Restoration specs and focus on PvP more than dungeons and raids. Especially since there are some PvP mount rewards I want to unlock.

I may even chose to eventually spend the money to faction change my 2 alliance characters (Priest and Hunter) over to Horde (probably both also Tauren). But that would cost $60 and I am trying to be tight with my money.  So for the time being I will focus on my Druid.

I do want to RP so I may cast around for an RP guild to join, though I am not entirely sure about Khadon as a character and what he should be like. I’m leaning towards making him a strong, barbaric type fighter focused on honor and strength, because that is a personality type I don’t often play. Mostly I’ve been making characters lately that are reserved, resolute and stern, quiet and contemplative and more wise/knowledge than brute strength and gut insticts. It would be something different for me.

As far as the present state of the game is, I am enjoying the new Legion zones. They have really improved on the graphics and each zone is beautiful. The city within Suramar is especially breathtaking and I took several screenshots while going through there. I am looking forward to finishing that quest chain with my Priest and doing it again with my Druid. All the zones are nice, and with the help of an addon called “Immersion” that turns the awful parchment quest text screens into more immersive NPC text bubbles that move through the text next to an animated face of the NPC speaking I’ve been greatly enjoying the story of each quest and each zone.

I am also enjoying the class Order Hall and stories. I am eager to experience the Druid one, as the Priest one has been fantastic. The druid “order hall” is the Dreamweave and it is a beautiful forest full of animals (including unicorns!) and is just beautiful, I love spending time there and really can’t wait to be playing my druid full time to experience the class story, get the class mount (a new shapeshift form, a massive owl) and also get back into some RP.

To do that though I need to stick with my priest. I am still enjoying playing the priest so that’s not terrible. I need to finish the Suramar zone, finish my order hall campaign, do 100 world quests, and farm rep with the five Legion factions to exalted (and that’s just for Part 1 of the requirement to unlock flying). I plan to tackle Suramar tonight and hopefully get mostly through that if I can. Tomorrow I have board games (D&D is cancelled) but I’ll have all day Saturday and most the day Sunday to try and knock out the 100 world quests. I am hoping those will net me enough rep with the factions to fulfill that bit too, without having to continue farming.

Then there is the Part 2, which I think deals with the Legionfall campaign and Broken Shores area. I’m not sure what that involves.  I am hoping it doesn’t take me long to get through all that because I really want to start playing my druid.

My other objectives once I am on my druid is to start farming the mounts I’ve always wanted. Specifically Ashes of A’lar, and Invincible. I can only make a chance for those once a week per character. I deleted all my characters but I am thinking of un-doing that (there is a super easy “restore” button now!) and parking each one at the entrance to the raid so I get like 9 attempts a week at each one.

I may also someday chose to level all those alts up. I’ve got a Demon Hunter, Shaman, Paladin, Priest, Druid, Hunter, Monk, Mage, and Rogue all level 100. A level 40 Warlock, and the only one not represented is Death Knight and Warrior, two classes I have pretty much zero interest in. I honestly don’t have much interest in playing ANY besides my priest and druid, so I doubt I will ever level the others. But I can at least use them to farm the mounts I want, pick a day each week and just run the two raids 9 times a week, hopefully upping my chances of getting them.

So that’s it. Even if I don’t really care to go for end-game content I’ve got plenty to keep me busy. And hopefully by the time the next expansion comes out in a year or two I’ll be in a position where I feel like trying to do the content as it comes out and do dungeons/raid or pvp.

Or I wont. You know me.


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