Lasik Tomorrow

I haven’t posted much, I think it’s been over a week or more. I haven’t had much to say, to be honest.

I wanted to be up front about some things. I’ve slid back down, been doing a lot of snacking and not logging it. I’ve almost gone back up to 300, though not quite. I’m hovering around 297-299. I really don’t want to see a 3 again so I’ve decided to rope it back in starting today. My goal for today: Don’t eat anything without logging it, and don’t go to the vending machine at all.  I brought my favorite lunch so hopefully that will satisfy.

I spent the better part of the week following my eye exam having small panic attacks whenever I thought of the upcoming surgery. I could be doing anything: taking a shower, driving to work, playing on the computer—and I would get a passing thought about it and be hit by panic that would make my heart thump.  As the days have past those little attacks have become less frequent and finally subsided. Now I can think about the eye surgery without my stomach tying into knots.

A little piece of advice: don’t over research. Or perhaps do. I think part of the reason my fear has subsided is that I researched, and asked the opinions of as many people as I could, I requested super detailed information until I feel like I know exactly what tomorrow will be like every minute of the procedure. Armed with that knowledge I feel confident. I suppose then my advise is research the right amount. If I had stopped doing my research about halfway through, I may have cancelled my appointment. Because at the halfway mark I was finding the horror stories of surgeries gone wrong. The people with terrible side effects, the people who claim to have worse vision than they started with.  But the more I researched the more I found that the vast majority claim this to be one of the best decisions they ever made.

I find myself taking my glasses off for stretches of time. Right now I sit and type this at a space of about two feet from the 20″ screen. It’s very blurry. I can see enough to read what I am typing in this size font, though it is a little difficult, any smaller and I probably wouldn’t be able to read it.  I want to remember this, so that Monday when I come back to work and look at this I can (hopefully) marvel at how crystal clear it is.

I still intend to post a very detailed description of the procedure, though that may have to wait until Friday or Saturday, since it is recommended that you rest your eyes as much as possible right after the procedure. They suggest going right home and taking a 4 or more hour nap (which should be easy under the effects of Valium).  Though I don’t have to see to type. Once I get started I can close my eyes and don’t need to look at the screen or the keyboard to type. In fact I wrote this entire paragraph with my eyes closed. So hell, maybe I will type it up as soon as I wake up from my nap. Hopefully I remember it.

Wish me luck!

In other news I have continued to play World of Warcraft. I’ll probably write a few blogs documenting my Druid’s leveling progress. My current character and main is a priest, though I may switch to Druid main once my druid is leveled up. She is level 100 right now (the max being 110) and has barely begun the new content, whereas my priest is almost done.

I had a level 100 of almost every class except Death Knight and Warrior, and my Warlock was only level 40 (I had been leveling it with a friend and we stopped).  I had a couple level 90s on another server.  So I had a level 100 Druid, Hunter, Mage, Monk, Paladin, Priest, Rogue, Shaman and 2 level 100 Demon Hunters. I had a second level 90 Druid and a level 85 Death Knight and a level 60 Warrior and a level 40 Warlock. 14 characters, all of which I wanted an expansion ago to get to max level.

I briefly toyed with the idea of deleting them all and starting over completely from scratch. I decided to be smart though and instead of taking such drastic measures I would make the character I wanted to level and play and see how it went. I’m glad I did. I got to level 16 and decided “screw it I don’t want to go through all this again.” So instead I decided to just keep the characters I truly love.

One at a time I logged into each one, I checked out their equipment, the stuff in their bank, messed around with their skills and abilities and talents, and the ones that were level 100 I went through the quest to get their first Artifact weapon.

dethtilacIn the end I decided to keep the Priest and the Druid, because they are my favorite to play. I love to heal, and Priest and Druid both have the most enjoyable healing in my personal opinion. I also decided to keep my hunter, not because I enjoy playing a hunter exactly, because I don’t. But I enjoy collecting the pets and I have a lot of the rarest pets in the game on my hunter. I was one of the very first on the server to tame the violet molten spider Deth’tilac. I also played my hunter during the period when I had the most fun in the game RPing, and doing all the content and collecting the rare pets, so I’ve got a lot of nostalgia wrapped up in her.

I got my Priest to 110 the other day and am now working on getting through all the main storyline content and questing through all the zones, and getting the prestigious class mount.  Once I’ve got that squared away I will probably switch to my Druid and do the same, followed last by my hunter. I may then enjoy trying to track down any other rare pets on my hunter, though a quick search only shows me 2 of interest, a spectral moose and a lightning coated fox.

wingedhorseI’ve never been one for end game content. Usually I just do it if my guild asks me if I want to go along, but I don’t actively seek it out. So running dungeons and raids have never really been my thing. I will probably focus on professions. Tailoring/Enchanting on my Priest, Mining/Engineering on my Hunter and Skinning/Leatherworking on my Druid.  I may also use all three to do regular weekly runs of the raids that drop rare mounts I want, specifically trying to get Ashes of Al’ar and Invincible, the two mounts I’ve wanted most since I first saw them.

ridingphoenixThe two raids they drop from are extremely easy to solo on any class and done of the bosses give a level 110 even a bit of trouble. I could do each once a week on all three of my characters and hope one drops soon.

I also want to progress through all of the old raids, starting with the original raids from the “vanilla” main game and going all the way up.  I just did a run of a Warlords of Draenor raid last night with my guild for RP gear and was surprised that three 110s can already clear WoD raids with only a couple of deaths but otherwise not much difficulty. I’m sure very skilled and geared players could solo it, which gives me hope of being able to solo all the old content on either of my characters.

I of course will also RP. I’ve joined a worgen themed RP guild and all three of my characters I chose to kept are conveniently worgen.  The guild doesn’t appear to be super active, it’s very casual in terms of RP and I am okay with that. I’ve learned that putting too much pressure on myself turns things I enjoy into work I despise. So if I keep the RP casual, if I keep the game casual, and just do what I feel like doing whether it’s picking herbs or running old raids and camping rare pets or doing old quests I can do that.

I may also try to keep gear on at least one of my characters generally good for mid-range content so I can go along if the guild decides to do something. But so far I haven’t seen more than 2-3 people on at a time so I think the chances of them doing anything are slim, and the occasional RP will be a fun diversion but not something I would need to schedule time around.

So much for my attempts to limit my computer use eh? I think for now I am going to take a more casual approach to life. I’m going to count my calories and try to lose weight, but the constant attempts at trying to change myself, to force myself to be productive art/writing/life wise, to try and limit myself from doing the stuff I apparently enjoy doing….it’s not doing me any good.

So, I’m not going to force myself to limit computer usage, force myself to do art, force myself to write. The only two goals I am going to focus on is counting calories and being better with my money. Simple. Stay under my 1570 calories I’m allowed, and maybe give myself $100 a month of spending money, everything else goes to bills and savings.

Here’s to trying the casual life.

My next blog will be about how my lasik went. 🙂 Cross your fingers. I’m hoping for superhuman vision. Maybe this is my superhero origin story, a female Hawkeye. Wouldn’t that be awesome?


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