Warcraft & Lasik

First, and most present on my mind is that next Thursday I will be getting Lasik eye surgery.  I am both terrified and excited. I hate glasses. I am going to do a quick but detailed description of the first consult that I had where they did some tests, and then after the surgery I will do a really detailed blog on everything about it.

How did this start? Well I saw an add for LasikPlus on Facebook. It said “As low as $250 per eye!” of course I knew that was too good to be true, but it did get me thinking about the possibilities, and wondering if my insurance would cover it or not.

My insurance didn’t cover it, but they did offer a 15% discount at LasikPlus. I can see how that’s the best financially for them. Lasik tends to be around $4000 dollars, so covering that completely would be a lot more than the $300 every 2 years for new glasses, but the 15% on that ($600) is a bargain for the insurance company. They pay as much as they would for 2 glasses and then don’t have to pay out for glasses for you anymore. Makes sense.

So I did some research, found out that consultations are free. You get the free exam, they tell you if you qualify, you can ask lots of questions. Why not do it…just to learn more and know my options right?  So I went. I scheduled the appointment and I went on Friday. It was about an hour drive into Atlanta, but it wasn’t so bad, a pretty straightforward drive.

I was their first appointment after lunch so I got right in. They gave me the standard eye exam that showed that my prescription hasn’t changed much (a good thing). They also did a couple of tests to measure the thickness of my cornea and the (I guess) symmetry of my eye? Both came back good, apparently I have a very thick cornea which is ideal. They said it made me a prime candidate for Lasik.  The tests were not painful or scary at all, but did require them to dilate my pupils which was just weird. And when I got out of the office I felt like a vampire, I could barely stand to open my eyes.

I found out that the max they charge at LasikPlus is $2100 an eye, which is what they charged me, minus my discount for my insurance. With that and the medicated eye drops I will need after my total came to just under $4000 for the whole procedure. They scheduled it for Thursday the 22nd and I chose the very first appointment so that not only would I have very little waiting in which to get worked up and nervous, but I’d also be able to get my post-op that very same day and not have to come back the next day.

I learned all about the process. They will first give me a valium to calm me down (I am very excited about that as I have terrible anxiety in situations like this) and then apply numbing eye drops. The valium and eye drops will take a bit to take effect, and then I will go into the room. It has 2 laser machines, one to cut the flap on the cornea and one to actually do the Lasik procedure. Apparently they continue to apply the numbing drops throughout the procedure to guarantee they don’t wear off and there is no pain.

I am not nervous about the laser or staring into the light, or even the loud noise it makes. I am not nervous about the fact that at one point I will go blind which might cause some people to freak out. I am mostly nervous about the part where they put basically a plastic suction cup on your eye. It apparently creates a uncomfortable amount of pressure. I have yet to hear anyone describe it as painful, merely uncomfortable. It applies pressure (I think) to make the cornea easier for the laser to cut the flap. It is a circular flap of clear cornea right on top of your eye that they cut with a laser and then use a needle (without a point) to lift it up. Then they rotate your chair over to the laser that actually does the surgery. Apparently you can smell the burning flesh which wont bother me but will be weird.

I do have anxiety so I am worried that I will pass out, and sometimes when I pass out I go into convulsions. I think I am more concerned about hurting myself or causing trouble due to going into convulsions than I am of the actual procedure.  But I am starting to think that I will be fine, because despite this fear and the expensive cost I am not cancelling the appointment. I want this enough to risk it.

It also helps that I’ve watched several videos and read several first hand accounts about it, and everyone says that it isn’t painful, it takes less than 10 minutes, it is a bit uncomfortable, but it is so very worth it. My second fear is that I will have one of the side effects such as chronic dry eye or blurry vision, or quickly deteriorating close-up vision and that I will regret spending so much on a failed procedure. But everyone I know in real life who has gotten this done doesn’t regret it in the least.

I am excited and nervous, but by 9am on Thursday the 22nd it will be over and hopefully I will have perfect 20/20 vision (which some people can get even better like 20/10).  As I said after the procedure, though probably not until later that day or the next day, I will write a full detailed description of how every second felt, just for others who like me were researching online for all the information they could get to prepare themselves. I can’t wait I am so excited! Excitement is starting to outweigh the nervousness. I can’t wait to not need glasses to see! To be able to go see 3D movies and not have to mess with getting the 3D glasses to stay on over my glasses. I can’t wait to watch TV or use the computer without needing glasses, to get up in the morning and just be able to see. I can’t wait!

Speaking of using the computer…

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I started playing World of Warcraft again.

I need to learn to stop saying things like “I think I’ll probably never play again, I’ve lost interest” because clearly that never actually happens.  I always go back.

I decided to pick up where I left off with my priest. She was originally a he, Khadon, a male worgen. Then a couple years ago I switched all my characters to Horde for an obscene amount of money and turned Khadon into a Undead priest. When I returned I did a little research and found a worgen RP guild I wanted to join, so I faction changed again and Khadon became a worgen once more: though this time a she!

I’ve decided to just be casual here. I always get so invested and obsessed in things like this. I decided to join a guild rather than make my own, and I chose one that appears to be rather casual so there won’t be any pressure to be on and to do anything besides what I want to do. Right now I want to quest and level her up to max and check out all the new legion content.

I’m taking my time, reading the quest text rather than just rushing through it, and enjoying the lush new scenery. I have also begun reading up on my chosen spec, Discipline, and learning how to heal in hopes of doing some very casual PvE content sometime in the future (if I feel like it).

I already had my first RP session where the GM of the guild and my character met in a dark graveyard in Duskwood outside the small town of Darkshire. I purposefully made my character young and relatively weak so she wont be relied on too much as a leader, just a casual side character and one that might make the other players feel stronger/cooler/better in general. Focusing on the healing aspect.

I like Elder Scrolls online, and while I think the graphics are comparable, WoW graphics are a bit more cartoony. I think I do prefer Elder Scrolls graphics, and I definitely prefer their more in depth character creation, I also perfect their completely voice acted quests and the more immersive quests. The WoW quests are still decent stories, but you have to take the time to read rather than listen to the voice acting. I also really like the Elder Scrolls lore with the various aedra and deadra and such, but WoW lore is also very good and they have a ton of great novels that I still want to read. Combat-wise however I think I prefer WoW, though not enough to make a huge difference.

So I can’t really say “I like ESO better than WoW” or “WoW better than ESO” I enjoy them both. And right now, I simply feel more like playing WoW. And that has been my problem in the past…a make a decision and then I care so much about other people’s opinions of that decision that I feel the need to defend it. Before I would have gone on to list all the things I like better in WoW that is making me play that over ESO.  I am trying to not care so much about what other people think. I feel like playing WoW and so I will play it, and I don’t need to justify that to myself or to anyone, and I shouldn’t feel like I need to either, because really why would anyone besides me even care?

So I’ll play WoW until I don’t feel like playing it anymore, then I won’t. Maybe I’ll get the next expansion, maybe I won’t (who am I kidding I probably will).

I’ve also gotten obsessed with board games. I purchased Scythe and played it at a friend’s house and it was a lot of fun. I also got and played Tiny Epic Galaxies which was a blast. I’ve now got a whole amazon wishlist of board games.

Lastly, my weight loss is still going relatively well. I cheat a lot so I am not losing 2 pounds a week but I am losing. Slowly but surely. I still struggle to say no to junk food, and I do want to get better about that. But I am trying to take life a bit more casually, so I am not going to do anything drastic like make myself be over 500 calories under my 1570 goal every day or any such nonsense.

I will start enjoying life and trying to be more relaxed about it.


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