The blank page can feel like an insurmountable obstacle.  I have an idea for a novel, but where to begin? Out of the millions of worlds in the English language, which do I put down first?

I know I cannot begin the actual writing until I have the foundation on which to begin, but where to story the background for my story?  Do I go all the way back to the creation of the first intelligent creature, or the dawn of my entire universe? Do I just go back as far as the era before the current one?

Starting is a daunting task.


The above images are from an app I purchased for my iPad called Scrivener.  The iPad version doesn’t have all the features of the PC/Mac version, but it is also half the price. However it does still have some fantastic features.

The first picture shows the main screen once I’ve opened a project, the second shows what the Research tab looks like opened. On the first screen each post-it can be a chapter, or a page, or a paragraph or a scene, however you want to do it. I’ve started with chapters.  Though the “binder” Freidha, could be one of multiple binders if I wanted, each being a chapter and each chapter broken down by page, however small or organized you want to go.

In the research section I can just have multiple pages, right now each one will be about the different cultures, societies and histories of the different races. But eventually locations may have their own pages, or even threads of my story, or individual characters.

I hesitated to buy this, as I am trying to save, and not spend so much. It seemed a bit unnecessary, since word processing programs and abundant and free. But the organization tools, the search tools, and other options swayed me. So far I like what I’ve seen, though I haven’t actually started writing yet.

I have so many ideas in my head about the story and the characters and the world I hardly know where to begin. But I think I will start with my first passion: drawing a map.  I know that one area will be lush and green under the Elvish ruler ship, an idealistic enchanted forest, and that the world will be split my a massive wall that would put the Great Wall of China to shame. Beyond that wall will be the outlands, where the races who managed to refuse or flee Elvish rule will dwell. It will be a more desolate place of deserts and perhaps plains, but will be more vibrant, colorful and lively.

Beyond this one continent there will be more world to explore as time goes on. I need to name the world, and the continent, and the kingdoms therein.

From there my world will grow!


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