5d902ff8dd72c79ee99abdcf982647edSome day I will hit my goal weight. I started at 338 and am now (after my weekend of indulgence) 298. I’ve lost 40 pounds so far.  160 more to my goal of 238 and 200 pounds lost.

I’ve been considering what to do to celebrate this massive achievement. At first I considered just having a big cookout/party and I planned to request people either bring a gift of clothes, or clothes store gift cards so that I might build a wardrobe of clothes to fit my new healthy size.

I spoke this plan to Alabama Gandalf and his first response was that it was selfish. I didn’t see it as selfish because I was 100% sure that my friends and family would be thrilled to take me clothes shopping and share in my joy. I am still sure that they would, but having given it some thought I realized he was right.

I will take a bit of time to just marvel at the human brain for a moment.  Sometimes you might see someone do something selfish or hurtful and you just cannot fathom how they could do such a thing, why it doesn’t bother them.  Well I can now say from experience, as someone who was awakened to the selfishness of a decision, that sometimes people just don’t realize it.  I can honestly say that the thought of it being selfish never even crossed my mind, and I am thankful that Gandalf caused me to see the truth of this. Yes, I am sure my friends and family would have been more than happy to put a few bucks on a clothing store gift card for me, but to ask for it would have been selfish.

I still, however, want to have a party to celebrate my achievement. It may be too soon to think about this now, but an idea came to me this morning in the shower.


A masquerade.

What I do will depend entirely on how much I want to spend. Will I be in the middle of building my house when I hit my goal? Perhaps it will be adventurous to just host this at my own house, or perhaps I will rent a venue.

The plan is thus: when I get my goal weight I will begin to plan this event. I will pay for everything, the venue, the catering, and if possible pay a costume place to come with costumes people can rent for the evening. I can’t decide if I want to pay for everyone’s costume, or let those who wish to attend find/rent/make their own. Perhaps I will just offer a list of several options where they could rent a costume. I did look into a few locations where you can rent this kind of costume and rentals are like $100 minimum plus cleaning fees etc. So it might be cheaper to buy or make costumes.

Anyway, I was also thinking of printing very nice invitations, black with silver writing.  I thought of 30 people I’d invite, and each would get a +1, so possibly 60+ attendees. I would get it catered. It would be a fantastical event.  The theme would be elegant fantasy, so most anything fantasy goes, elves and fairies and such, so long as it is elegant. No halloween sexy nurse or stormtrooper costumes. Masks required, naturally.

I would pay for everything, except perhaps the costumes. 60+ costume rentals would be several thousand dollars that I don’t have. But crafty people might be able to get a prom dress from goodwill and a mask from amazon or something.

I think it would be a great time. Though, we shall see how it goes, if I hit my goal weight and where I am financially when I do. Perhaps it happens that I hit my goal around the same time I finish building my house. In which case perhaps I would combine the events to include a housewarming. Instead of renting a venue I could rent one of those large tents, get some lights to string in the trees, and host it at my new house. I’d still cater it, it’s a lot of people.

I’m not sure why I consider these things so far in advance. It’ll be a couple years before I hit my goal weight, longer if I keep eating over my calories. But it was a nice little shower thought I figured I’d share and expound on.



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