Feast your eyes on this beautiful little motivation tool:


That came in the mail yesterday. I got it set up and it is hanging on the door to my room so I pass by it every time I leave my room.

MyFitnessPal tracks my calories and my weight, but the visuals aren’t really the kind of impressive in your face thing I wanted/needed. So here I have each day showing my weight, and my exercise, and my calories. No, I didn’t only eat 455 calories yesterday, that would be bad. 455 is how many calories I was under my daily goal (which itself is already a deficit to lose 2 pounds a week, so this is actually an additional 455 deficit). I plan to write in green when I am under and in red when I am over.

One bonus to this is that I can see trends. If I find that I am always going over my calories on Wednesday, I can look over those days and find out what is causing the problem. Maybe it’s that Wednesday is always pasta night for dinner, or maybe I just feel more depressed on Wednesdays because the week is half over. Then I can plan for working around whatever problems might be causing the over-eating on those days.

I’m not entirely sure this will motivate me to exercise, or to be creative, but I am hoping that constantly seeing it will do just that. If I go for my lunchtime walk every day then I will get that 30 minutes of exercise easily. If not then I can use my treadmill at home, or I can do exercises like Daily Burn. I left my weekends clear of exercise to give me something further to look forward to.

I haven’t assigned rewards yet for meeting all these goals. I’m thinking of Fridays indulging in a pint or two of Halo Top if I hit all my goals, especially now that it’s available at Walmart.

Lastly I’ve included an hour a day where I am creative, either drawing, writing or sculpting, and only taking those off for D&D days, since I find D&D creative.

Already I feel more motivated, I feel a desire to see all green numbers on the calories, and see the exercise filled in, and see a really strong visual of my progress. Almost like wracking up achievements in a video game.

I will post another picture of this on the last day of the month to show if I’m doing well or not. 😀


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