Milestone Rewards!

I saw a post on reddit where a girl broke out all her weight loss milestones she wanted to hit and the rewards she would get herself when she hit them.  She did it by weight lost, but I’m going to do it by goal weight (as in hers was 10 pounds lost, mine will be weight 280).

Current Weight: 295
Beginning Weight: 338
Goal Weight: 138
Goal Weight Lost: 200 pounds

I’ve done a reward for every 10 pounds, but the ones in blue are the big milestones and those rewards are far better 🙂

290 – Over the current hump! I want to hit this before going to the fair. The fair is my reward. I’m going to the Ren Fair with Gandalf. I suppose I’m doing this one either way…but I’ll get to it! *determined face*
280 – The Lowest I’ve been in 10 years. This will be the lowest I’ve weighed since before moving from Maine. The last few times I’ve tried to lose weight I’ve given up before getting to 285. I’ll get myself this light box.
270 – I will celebrate this milestone by making some kind of tasty dessert, maybe chocolate truffles.
260 – New Clothes! At this weight I will have probably lost enough that I will be desperately needing new clothes. I will also probably be low enough and small enough to fit into clothes at Walmart and Target. However it will be to Goodwill that I shall go!
250 – I will celebrate this milestone with a full box of Kraft, and I won’t count it. Cheat day!
240 – I shall celebrate this milestone with a new book, something from my growing wishlist.
238 – The Lowest I’ve weighed since High School. This will mark my lowest weight since 2003. I will reward myself by purchasing the Bandai figure art dolls I want that should be out by then. Also, I’ll have lost 100 pounds!!
220 – Cheat Day and/or New book!
210 – Cheat Day and/or New book!
199 – The Big One! Probably the SINGLE biggest milestone I will hit before reaching my goal weight. This will be the first time I have weighed under 200 pounds since 1999. I will buy myself a Kayak. An Old Towne, from Maine of course! Going Kayaking on the weekends will get me active and keep my going in my weight loss.
190 – Cheat Day and/or New book!
180 – Cheat Day and/or New book!
170 – Yay! Nothing special about this number, just the next milestone somewhat between the two to either side. I’ll celebrate by getting myself These snazzy Tigerseye Dice.
160 – Cheat Day and/or New book!
150 – Cheat Day and/or New book!
138 – Evaluation & Celebration? This one marks my loss of 200 pounds!! The evaluation part will be to see if I still feel like I have more to lose. I may like how I look and be happy with it, at which point my calories will shift to maintenance. However, I may feel I still have more to do.

I don’t know how I’ll celebrate losing 200 pounds. Gandalf thinks it’s extremely rude and selfish to throw myself a party and ask for people to get my clothes. Typing it out right then made me realize more than his words that he’s right. My plan was to have a huge party, and to encourage people to bring gift cards for their favorite stores, and we’d go out and go shopping.  I’ve decided against this since he is right, it’s rude. I am 100% sure that friends and family would support the idea, but that doesn’t make it right.

I think I would still like to host some kind of party. With any luck I’ll also have my tiny house at this time, and can host it there. Hopefully it’ll be warm enough to have a cook out outside.  I will also probably buy a bunch of new clothes to celebrate this awesome achievement.

As for the other rewards… They may change as time goes on. They are all things I want but are a bit too pricey to justify getting, especially when trying to save up to build my tiny house. I haven’t set times to do this by, because I don’t know how long it should take, but I imagine that I’ll already be building my tiny house before I even get to the 199 goal. The kayak is obviously the most expensive reward, and I may look around for a used one for a bit less money. I may want to instead change these rewards to purchasing things for the tiny House. But at the same time, that wouldn’t be quite a “reward” as I’d need to get tiny house materials regardless of my weight loss, whereas the rest of this stuff are things I want but don’t technically need.

My therapist also wanted me to set weekly goals and rewards.

I found an app online that lets me set goals. Like going for a walk 4 days a week, drinking more water every day, doing something active 5 days a week, etc.  I downloaded it to try and track my progress, but my phone gets so many notifications they’ve become just another annoyance and just aren’t working.  Instead I’ve got a paper business planner I bought for work but don’t use. I’m thinking of filling it in with weekly goals. But at the same time that’s a lot of work my lazy ass doesn’t want to do.

Here are my weekly goals as they stand right now:

Drink more water: 7 days a week
Go for a walk: 5 days a week
Do something cardio/exercise: 4 days a week
Write 500 words: 5 days a week
Draw something: 6 days a week
Stay under my calorie goal: 7 days a week

So every day my phone dings 6 times reminding me to do all those 6 things of my weekly goals. It’s just annoying. I need a better way…


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