Another Random Challenge

I wanted to once again try another challenge. I have been trying to get myself to rediscover my passion for creativity and art.  Lately I have been asking myself where that passion went. I used to spend hours writing and typing and drawing and creating. Somewhere along the line though I stopped.

I haven’t been able to pinpoint an exact time. Was it when I started gaining even more weight somewhere in the middle of my 10 year bachelor’s degree? Did my grades and effort in class start slipping at the same time? Did one cause the other? Did either cause my drop in creative desire? Did it have anything to do with my boyfriend at the time not working out? Did it have to do with the growth of online streaming and the ability to watch endless TV? Was it around the same time I built my monster gaming PC?

It’s hard to tell which came first, or if they all happened together, or if something else, some unknown factor caused my lack of creative passion, if they are all connected or not connected at all.  I feel that if I could locate the reason I can fix it.

I do think that my weight is a huge factor, that my self esteem because if it is at an all time low. As the scale moves down my confidence and happiness does seem to rise. So perhaps losing weight will rekindle my creativity. I have been focusing more on creative stuff lately–or at least focusing on trying to make myself do creative stuff. But is it enough?

Anyway…today I was watching one of my favorite YouTube artists: Jazza. I was watching this video where he talks about his creative process and his book and his app:

It got me thinking. I purchased his book and his app but haven’t done anything with them. So I thought that maybe another challenge was in order. Since my last self challenge went so well (over 2 weeks and my computer is still just sitting there untouched) I figure it’s time for another!

It is Monday night, and sadly too late to do anything today, my eyes are already drooping. But I want to do a character design from his arty games app every day for a week. However, the trouble is tomorrow. D&D. I will need to prepare for tomorrow nights game, and then of course go to said game. So this challenge can’t really begin until Wednesday. I find however that I am very excited to get started, and actually sad that I probably wont have any time tomorrow to dive in to this challenge.

But alas…what must be, must be.  So, starting Wednesday and going through to include Monday, I want to do one character design challenge from the arty games app every single day.  And to ensure I follow through I will post them here each day. 🙂

I am looking forward to this, and sincerely hope it serves as a creative kick in the butt. I only wish I had decided to do this sooner so today could have been day one. But I am tired and my bed calls!


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