What the future holds…

I’ve done a lot of…complaining, for lack of a better word, on this blog. Today I wanted to do something a bit more positive. I wanted to paint a picture of the next two years, and where I hope to be by the time I finish my Tiny House.

As those of you who read my blog know, (and I recently learned there are a handful of people who’ve been with me these past few months!) I need to pay off my credit card first, before I can begin, and then also save up the (approx) $4500 to buy the trailer.

It will take a little over a year to do so. So I’ve got about 14 months between now and then where there are other things I can work on. Things in my own life I can improve and change. I really want to step into my new house for the first time as a person mentally and physically prepared to live that lifestyle.

So what do I want/need to do?

  1. I want to lose weight. I’m sitting at 297 as of this morning. My soft goal is 140 (figured I’d get there and see how I feel). So that’s 157 pounds left to lose.
  2. I want to pare down my stuff to just what I’ll be taking with me, and organize everything and get everything I don’t need out or to it’s final home.
  3. I want to begin focusing my time more on creative stuff/hobbies and cut out hobbies that rely on internet and powerful appliances like TV, video games, etc.
  4. I want to design the interior of my tiny home. Decide on colors and fixtures and things like that. And also begin looking for building materials at yard sales, flea markets, craigslist Free adds, etc.

Losing weight is the big one really. It’s my main drive and focus right now. I’m set for 2 pounds a week with Myfitnesspal, but I haven’t been losing that as much as I’d like. And even if I DID lose 2 pounds a week, it would take 19 months to reach my goal. That’s over a year and a half. I suppose that’s not bad, because I don’t need to be my goal weight by the start of my build (14 months) but by the end of it.  But I do need to make sure I stay on track and stay below my calorie goal every day.

Plan: Stay below calorie goal. Stop snacking. Stop overeating. Log everything.

Paring down will be the easiest and also the one I am most eager to get started on. I have so much junk still in tubs and boxes in my closet. My hesitation comes from my parents, who may see my paring down as premature, or excessive. But honestly, everything in my room can go besides:

Sketchbooks and pencils
Sculpting stuff
Approx 50 books (rough guess)
3 Blankets and 2 Sheet sets
4 pillows + pillow cases
3 stuffed animals
Approx 10 pewter dragons
1 jewelry box
2 music boxes
4 knickknacks
1 carved wooden bowl
2 Swords
1 Bow with 12 arrows
1 Violin (wall decoration)
4 Pictures/Paintings (wall decor)
1 Cat, her litter box and food dishes

The rest of my stuff, which includes a lot of art supplies I don’t use anymore, an entire shelf of DVDs, about 40 more books not being taken, a small bit of clothes not coming, some bags/purses I don’t want and never used, 2 pairs of shoes I never wear, my xmas decorations, 3 or 4 swords, a giant stuffed teddy bear, 3 blankets, a cat perch the cat never uses, 2 desktop computers (1 of which is going to my mom) and my furniture (chair, desk, table, bed, 2 bookcases, and a chest of drawers) are all not needed. Some will stay (like the furniture) in my room which will become the guest room. Some will go to Goodwill, some will be given away.

Plan: At some point in the next 14 months I am going to put everything I plan to take with my into neat piles on the bed, just to get it separated out and size it up.  Everything else will first be perused by my mother who will no doubt save some stuff. What she doesn’t save will either go to Goodwill or go to a couple of friends/family I know would want/appreciate it.  I’d kind of love to do this sooner rather than later. I feel like seeing my almost empty room will remind me daily what I am working towards.

Designing the interior of my home will be fun but challenging. I still feel like I struggle to visualize it.  The other day I tried using tape on the floor to mark out the edges and tried to really think what it would be like, but with no really open space and other furniture in the area where my layout was I had trouble really visualizing it. I also don’t know where windows will go or the like.  Until I can really grasp that I don’t feel like I could go out and start collecting stuff. I need to talk with my parents too about where I can start putting it.

I also can’t help but think about getting a truck. I love my car, I don’t really want to give it up, but I feel like I’d have a lot of fun hitting the road myself in an old pickup and looking for “rusty gold” as Frank and Mike would call it (American Pickers, History Channel, check it out). It’d be awesome and easy to just go cruising around in my old truck and find wood or other things to use on my tiny house. But an old truck would require about (at least) $3000 to buy and then maybe another few hundred or a thousand to get running. That would set my tiny house back 3-4 months.  I could trade my car in, but a car payment each month would also set my tiny house back.

I suppose the smart/responsible thing to do will be to either just try using my tiny little car (it can fit a decent amount if I fold down the back) or for the big stuff get Dad with the SUV and trailer.

Plan: I need to visualize my tiny house. I need to find someplace or some way to map out my tiny house real size.  I way to kind of create the floor plan so I can walk around it, test it out, decide where to put things.

I did once try twine with sticks in the ground, and it worked to an extent, but it’s hard to tell if your body is brushing up against a wall when it’s a string on the ground. I also don’t really have an ideal flat place in the yard to stake it out. I’ll probably end up building it in the edge of the driveway, but normally my parents car is there.

I could try doing the string again, and just get much more sturdy sticks that are much taller, so I can run several lines of twin around them and create in a sense a wall. It would be a fair amount of work, and I’d have to find a place to do it.

Lastly is to focus on my more creative ventures.  I am already beginning that. I spent all last week without my PC and I did just fine. I found that I didn’t exactly miss it. Mostly because I could do everything with my iPad and cell phone that I could do with my computer. I spent some time yesterday reading, I’ve spent some time drawing. I still spent a large amount of time just consuming videos, or chatting on facebook, but not as much. And I do feel that the longer it goes the easier it will be.

I have been debating bringing my desktop to work, or else selling it and getting a little laptop, though I don’t really need a laptop honestly.  I could sell it and put that money to my credit card. I’m guessing I could get at least $600 for it.  That would actually reduce my tiny house time by a month.

Plan: I need to decide what to do with my desktop. I then need to make sure I am spending some time each day either writing, drawing or sculpting. I’d also like to make sure that at least 3 times a week I get out and do something and get some steps in. I can go to walmart and just wander around, or I can go for a walk on a trail, or I can go fishing with Dad, or I can go outside and shoot my bow, or going out hunting for tiny house materials.  Anything so long as long as I am getting out of the house.

So that’s my plan for the next 14 or so months. Work on maintaining my calories and not going over.  Paring down my stuff to just what is coming in my tiny house with me. Designing the interior of my tiny house and beginning to collect building materials. And focusing on my creative hobbies and getting out of the house and some small amounts of exercise.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Alyssa says:

    Strategic plans, well done!!

    I’m also contemplating a tiny-house future and your blog’s really inspiring for me ’cause you’re in the same demographic as me (youngish single female with no kids). Most of the other tiny-house // minimalist blogs I’ve found are either retired people or OBNOXIOUSLY CUTE young couples (usually with a tiny human or two for maximum jealousy levels)… and then there’s you and you’re RELATABLE and I like reading your posts because of that.


    1. Thank you! ❤
      Yes, I get a kick out of a lot of the tiny house shows where a family of 5, 3 dogs, 2 cats and a hamster are moving into a tiny house lol. But it isn't easy doing it alone and having to start from scratch when it comes to learning what you need and what to do and what it will cost. It's pretty overwhelming but luckily I've got the time to devote to the research 🙂
      Thanks for reading and commenting! I means a lot to me!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Alyssa says:

        I’m surprised my former neighbors (absolutely delightful creatures who currently have ten kids As Far As We Know) haven’t attempted it, honestly.

        But yeah, there’s definitely more research doing it alone but at the same time it’s cool to have a future plan that doesn’t require me finding a stable relationship. Even if it DOES mean I have to come up with a ridiculous amount of money, lol.


  2. sbunny914 says:

    Always good to have a plan…Maybe there is a room in your house now that fit the specs of your future tiny house. Like the kitchen? I know the one in my grandmother’s house is about the size of a trailer. Or maybe a basement where you can stack box’s where walls and stuff will be? Just a suggestion and keep up the good work 😀


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