What, another one?

7So I was talking to Gandalf a moment ago about my tiny house plans and my computer specifically. This one here. The practically brand new one I basically just rebuilt almost entirely. The only thing in this computer that isn’t new is the processor and the power supply.

It’s a bit big for a tiny house. I’ve gone back and forth about this for a while now, sometimes making entire designs based around this computer and finding a way to fit it in my tiny house. But it’s always been a struggle. It would almost surely mean not being able to be off grid. Which would limit my mobility and also limit where I can eventually park my tiny house. It is an item, a physical item, tying me down and holding me back.

I have gone back and forth many times on whether I will bring it with me. On whether I will build my tiny house around it. On whether I’d even use it, on whether I even want to use it. Sometimes I don’t want to let it go, I want to be able to play video games or use extensive art programs like Photoshop. And yet I don’t want to spend my life in front of a computer, I don’t want to be tied to this inanimate object.

It is a constant struggle. Today, while Gandalf and I were talking, I mentioned how on this day I am leaning heavily towards not wanting to take it to my tiny house. I did a tiny house design today that did not have a place laid out for my computer. There is no place in my tiny house design that I did this morning that it would fit. I designed it to be mobile, off grid, and energy efficient. A powerhungry gaming PC just doesn’t fit.  But I also just paid almost $900 to rebuild the thing…so just getting rid of it….eh.

So I considered my options, and thought about eventually bringing it in to work. The PC I use at work is terrible. I’d love to have one as good as mine there instead. While we were talking I got to thinking…why wait? Why wait until I actually move into my tiny house to get rid of my computer? Why not do it now.

I thought about it… there is nothing I do on this computer right now that I can’t do on my ipad. I haven’t been playing video games. I haven’t been using Manga Studio. I’ve only been using it to chat with Gandalf on facebook and to watch Hulu/Amazon Prime, both of which I can do on my ipad.

It got me thinking… could I begin going minimal tomorrow? I began to wonder… I could begin packing up/boxing all the stuff I don’t want/need. I could bring my PC to work. I could clear it and the massive TV off my desk, fold up my extra table and put it under the bed. Move the desk in front of the window. Set up my table there in front of the window, where I am not confined by how far the internet cord can reach, and sit there and draw, or write, or sculpt, in front of the window.

I could pack up all the remaining stuff that I’ve been hanging onto and send it to Goodwill. I could basically turn my bedroom into little more than a guest room, and begin living tiny right now. Nothing is really stopping me. Nothing is holding me back. Except this strange tether between me and this white humming cube beside me on the desk.

I think I will begin one of my infamous little experiments. You know the ones. Where I try to do something for a month or a week and see how it goes. This is an idea time because after this weekend all my shows have had their finales, there will be nothing to watch. I am going to shut down my PC, and I am going to leave it off for an entire week. It is almost 4PM. At 4 I will shut it down. And I won’t start it up again until 4PM next sunday. And I will see how I do.

If I succeed, if I feel no desire to turn on my PC again… then I will pack it up and I will bring it to work the following monday. If I find myself turning it on, or feeling the need to, then I will know I am not ready to part with it.

If this goes the way all my other similar experiments go… I’ll be turning it back on within the hour.

Let us see…


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