Tiny House Sketches

unnamed (2)I spent the morning sketching out possible new designs for my tiny house. I think I’ve got it pretty well figured out now. I have a couple questions left to answer, such as do I want it to be off grid? And if so, how much power and water do I need? Will I bring my massive desktop or will I downgrade to a laptop of some sort?

At this very moment, a laptop would completely serve me. I just rebuilt this PC, and it could play some of the most recent games just fine, but I haven’t been using it. At least not for anything that your average $200 netbook couldn’t handle. So when the time comes to actually start building I will need to decide if I want to carve out a space for a PC.  Today I am leaning towards no, but tomorrow I might become obsessed with ESO again. Time will tell.

And speaking of time… I just dropped about $2,000 on fixing my car. It needed almost an entirely new timing assembly (chain, cover, gears, water pump) and 4 new tires, alignment, and oil change. It…was not a pleasant experience. And, 2-grand sets my tiny house plans back quite a ways.

Let’s recrunch the numbers.

After I get my new tires ($400 including alignment) I’ll have $5200 in credit card debt that I need to pay off before I can start saving for the trailer.

I still don’t know what my new raise paycheck will be, and I won’t know for sure until the 14th, but I am guessing around 580. I’ll say 550 as usual to make sure I give myself a strong buffer.  So, 550 a week.

My monthly bills are:

Car insurance: $70
Phone: $150
Student Loan: $400
Rent: $350
Subscriptions: $40
Gas: $100
Groceries: $150

Total: $1260

I make $2200 a month

Extra after bills: $940

For added buffer we’ll say $900.

That is $900 a month that I could put towards my credit card if I am very careful and don’t spend anything else. Now, it could end up being more than that, because I gave myself a potential buffer of $30 a week in my paycheck because I don’t know the amount, so that’s another $120 a month. I also added a $40 buffer for simplicity sake, so we are at $160 a month. Then I also didn’t account for the $75 a month I get from work for my cell phone allowance because I use my phone for work, so that’s $235 a month I am holding out as a buffer to call it safe.

So, saying $900 a month to my credit card, and $5200 I’ll need to pay off, that will take (5200/900=) 5.7 repeating months. So 6 months.

April, May, June, July, August, September. So, October should be the first month when my credit card is paid off and I can start putting that $900 into my savings account towards the tiny house trailer. The 18′ trailer I want is $5,500 which includes getting it delivered ($4500 if I want to go get it myself). We’ll go with delivered for now.

Since 5200 took 6 months we can assume 5500 will take 6-7 months. October, November, December, January 2018, February, March, April.  So, we are looking at about a year from now that I will be able to buy my tiny house trailer, in May of 2018.

After that I will have $900 a month to begin building it.

If I am exceptional about my spending habits, if I am stingy in my grocery shopping, if I don’t do a lot of joy riding in my car, if I don’t buy frivolous things, one year from now will be the start of my little adventure.

It could be sooner. If my raise is more than I expected. If all my buffer money doesn’t get used and can go to paying off and saving up too. If I get a decent amount back from taxes next year. All could add up to getting my trailer in March, or even earlier.

Time will tell. But, getting set back by over $2000 has really put things into perspective for me. I don’t think I will be spending money frivolously any more in the future…


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