Tiny House Dreams

th-2-560x467As you well know, I want to build a tiny house. I have been struggling with who I am inside, and what I want from life, trying to figure out things as simple (and complex) as what really makes me happy.

Between bouts of identity crisis and introspection, one thing has remained pretty constant since I first discovered the mobile housing development that is the Tiny House: I want to build a Tiny House.

My dreams tend to get carried away from me. I think too large, and when things fall short I spiral down into the darkness of self-doubt. But building a Tiny House is something that I am confident I can achieve.

I recently got (yet another) promotion and raise where I work, and the (rather substantial) raise starts in April.  It may not seem like a lot of many people, but for me making $20 an hour is amazing. I’ve lived my working career on minimum wage, the most I ever made was less than half what I make now.  After health insurance and taxes I’ll be taking home around $600 a week. With the prospect of my credit card debt being paid in 2 months after my raise starts, and being able to put aside almost $1000 a month towards building a tiny house… this dream is looking like even more of a reality.

My credit card will be paid off by the end of June. I’ll have enough to get the trailer by Christmas. And will work on building the house throughout 2018. By the end of 2018 I may have my tiny house. And if all goes well I’ll have also maybe gotten to my goal weight, or near it, by then.

I have been debating starting my own youtube channel, documenting my weight loss and tiny house building journeys. I may record an introduction and save it to my computer, to later splice in with a video that I’ll make the day I got purchase my tiny house trailer.

793628ca3e3e28d5afa6c4fbf9ffa07eI may, however, push back the date of getting my trailer, and save up to buy a truck. I want something like this. Old. 50s, 60s, maybe 70s but no later than that.  I did think I would need one strong enough to tow my tiny house, but I’ve decided that for a few reason I’d rather just pay professionals to move it, and just move it rarely as needed.

Instead the truck will be my vehicle for going to home depot, or going out in search of free stuff to reclaim for my house.  It’ll also be a project that Dad and I can work on together, fixing it up, making it look nice. Course that will cost more money and push my tiny house back by a few months to a year.

The more I think about it though, the more I think I need to stop worrying about time. I’m 33 years old and still live with my parents. I need to stop letting that get to me.


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