The Waiting Game

It seems like life right now is just a bunch of waiting.

Waiting to have the money to start my tiny house (which requires waiting until I’ve paid off my credit card and can start saving up for said tiny house).

Waiting to lose weight, and to meet my weight loss goals.
Waiting to be able to buy new clothes because mine no longer fit.
Waiting to lose enough weight that I feel comfortable going to the gym and don’t think I’d have a heart attack on the elliptical machine.

Waiting until I’ve built my tiny house, and lost weight, to transition so that I will have a home if my parents disown me and I lose my job, and I’ll know if my discomfort is just with my weight and not my gender at all.

Waiting, waiting, waiting.

In the meantime, while I wait, I don’t have much to talk about. I made this blog, Little Dream, prematurely. It’s going to be a year (almost) before I can take even the first step to building my tiny house: buying the trailer.

I can’t imagine people will be interested in reading the same thing day after day, of me discussing future plans that never seem to come to fruition. How many times can I lay out my timeline of when I expect to be able to afford this, or do that?

In truth, this blog has always been more of a public diary, where I can write whatever the hell I want and get it off my chest. If I want to review a movie or show I can. If I want to talk about a book I read I can. If I want to share my tiny house design I can do that too. But it gets old for me too, when nothing is actually happening.  How many blogs can I write about finding myself before even I get bored?

I need to write however.  So I have an idea.

I am going to write a blog every single day until the end of March. Each day will have a different topic. It can be any topic I want, just so long as I write something.

There are two rules to this game:

  1. I have to write a blog every single day until April 1.
  2. I can’t write anything about my personal life and what is going on in it. Nothing about how I’m feeling or my plans, or anything like that.

Should be fun. I wonder what I will write about tomorrow…

And I wonder if I can rope a certain southern wizard into taking this challenge with me…

Alabama Gandalf: I challenge you to a Blog-a-thon!


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