I think I know what I want to do now.

I want to live in a tiny house. I don’t need to be able to move it every six months, but I do want it small enough to be moved if I make the choice to move. So I want it to be on wheels.

While my heart will always live in Maine, home is where my family is, and they (for now) are in Georgia. I know my father’s heart also lives in Maine, and he would like to go home some day. I want to take my house with me when I go, but I have accepted that it may be years before that happens.

I also know that there are things I need in my house. (Or I should say want). I want a place to do my crafting. It can be the same table where I eat dinner, but not the same table where my computer will be. It can be a table that folds up or down out of the way, that’s fine. My computer, on the other hand, is coming to the tiny house. So I will need room for my computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc. As well as my art tablet to draw on.

Which also means my house will need to be hooked up to permanent electricity and internet. So I can’t live off grid, but that’s fine, I don’t think I ever really wanted to anyway. But I am still fine with compost toilets and maybe even a rainwater catchment system. So long as I’ve got access to electricity when I need it, and good internet, I’ll be happy.

I was stuck, thinking there was one side of the spectrum (completely off grid) or the other side (all on the grid). And while technically you’re either on the grid or you are not, there are shades of grey. I could have water catchment, I could have solar panels, I could have a little wind turbine, I could have a compost toilet and a grey water tank (or a drainage situation set up if its okay to do that with grey water in my area). And then just have electricity and internet running to my tiny.

I need to find that middle ground. How small can I go and have the things I want? The crafting area, the computer, a large enough table to have some family or friends over for dinner now and then.  I’m thinking that I’ll need to look at the 18 or more foot long size. I don’t want to go too big however, I don’t want to have to have a semi truck pull it.

I’ve got more research to do, and it’ll be a bit more expensive. I’ll make it work.

Meanwhile I got new parts for my computer yesterday.

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Here are some shots of my finished build. It is still a bit slow in terms of the CPU, and I’m wondering how much of that is my card, and how much is windows 10 and all the background programs it runs. I’ll have to do some checking.  I may end up upgrading the CPU as well. A new CPU would be about $150 and bring me from a 3.4 to a 4.0 (I’m not sure how many cores my current one has, but I think it’s 4.

My Elder Scrolls Online runs quite well, I was getting 60 FPS in places where I used to get 20, and 30-40 in places where I used to get around 15 or so. I can go into the most populated trading town in the game and not be forced to lower my graphics. The other  players render quicker, and it just seems to work well.

So I am happy with my purchases, but a tiny bit disappointed that the CPU does seem to still be holding it back a bit. It is a 8 year old chip, but a 3.4 isn’t terrible. You can see my benchmarks HERE . I don’t know how much of the low CPU is due to my CPU and how much might be due to something else. Also getting an SSD for the windows boot drive is apparently the way to go. I may also look into that.

For now though, I am a happy camper, and greatly looking forward to spending the weekend playing ESO. 🙂



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