A diet of Green Soup?

Someday I’ll write about my successful weight-loss journey, and I’ll begin with:

“I didn’t wait until a Monday. That wasn’t my excuse this time ‘oh—I’ll start again on Monday.’ No, I started on a Tuesday, and a random one at that. My father had spent some time Sunday making Green Soup for my grandmother who was having surgery that day. She loved Green Soup, so he was doing up a big batch. While he cooked, he told me about a guy he used to work with who lost over a hundred pounds by eating Green Soup. It’s where he’d gotten the very simple recipe.

And it is simple. Kale, some Spinach, and any other mixed greens. Chop them up, throw them in a pot of vegetable broth with a few other spices/herbs and let simmer for a while.  He told me about his buddy who had eaten Green Soup for lunch and dinner every day for over a year.

My first thought was… that can’t be healthy! My second thought was maybe it actually was.”

This is exactly what happened this past Sunday. I stood in the kitchen, watching Dad stir his big pot of Green Soup and I asked myself…”Can I eat the same thing every day for a year?”

And here I sit, Tuesday morning, with a bowl of Green Soup in my lunch bag waiting to be heated up and eaten. With an orange for an afternoon snack, and some celery sticks for a morning snack, and a huge bowl of Green Soup in the fridge at home which will be enough for at least one week (the ingredients of which cost less than $10).

Naturally I have a few concerns, and naturally I questioned the healthiness of this diet. I am someone who despises “fad” diets. When a coworker asked me if I wanted to do the “Whole 30” with them, I scoffed and stuck my nose in the air and proclaimed “I don’t do fad diets.”  When a friend told me she was doing “The Military Diet” which from what I can tell is basically one piece of toast and a cup of black coffee for the day, I told her she was insane and that kind of nonsense wouldn’t work. She would not be satisfied with so little food, her body would rebel, her mind would rebel, and she would end up binging until she puked.

Well, I was probably right. I know she quit the military diet after like 2 days. So would this be any different? Would I be a hypocrite? My biggest concern isn’t “will I get bored and rebel and binge on junk” because I don’t think I will. I have pretty bland tastes. I don’t need a variety of foods to keep me satisfied. For me it’s always been quantity over quality in that regard.

I made a post on reddit, which was a mistake. Naturally everyone came out to tell me it was unhealthy, and to tell me exactly what I said in my post that they would. I made it clear that I am lazy, so lazy that having to do boring annoying crap like counting calories and measuring food and prepping meals and planning menus would make me quiet dieting far faster than eating the same boring soup every day.  Despite saying that, what happened? Everyone linked calorie counters and healthy recipes with ingredients that cost a small fortune.

There was however a silver lining. Most posts said it would work BUT…. and went on to list all the things I had to do to make it not boring. What I got out of this was simple, It can be done. I just need to make sure my in between snacks have

Halfway through that last sentence I lost interest in this whole idea, this blog post, and everything.  I suddenly just want to curl up in bed and cry.

I think I might have depression.


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