Day 2: 2017

Another relative success in that I did my workout this evening and I ate relatively healthy. I did cheat on my eating a bit, but I cheated with healthy food. I didn’t binge on junk or really binge on anything. I had one of my leftover Nutrisystem breakfast bars as a snack. Not the worst food, but still intended as a meal with more calories and carbs and whatnot than a snack should be.  I also snuck some leftover stuffing into my lunch (about a tablespoon, really not a lot) and a handful of Veggie Straws (they may say they’re made with veggies but they’re still deep fried chips).

I also didn’t do much today. I watched some tiny house shows, played Elder Scrolls Online, and browsed the internet for Nightblade healing specs (there wasn’t much to find beyond this recent Thread post. So I am looking forward to theorycrafting my own healing builds).

I did start a miniature sculpture, even took pictures of the process of making an armature. But I realized after about 2 hours of work that I’d made the legs too long and so the torso was too short. I tried to fix it, but no amount of clay could fix that, so I ended up scrapping it.  I admit I was a little annoyed and frustrated at the time. I chucked it in the garbage with much gusto.  But now, after I’ve had some time to calm myself I realize that though I seemingly wasted 2 hours trying to sculpt something that ended up in the bin, I still learned a valuable lesson about what not to do.  I know where I went wrong, and I can prevent the same occurring next time. I plan to try again when I get home tomorrow.

My last update for today as a little gushing about my ESO character Scales-like-Pearls.


I had originally planned for Pearls to be a Templar, because I wanted to heal. I’m not the most skilled player, but I wasn’t really enjoying the Templar, and the class with it’s divine looking abilities just didn’t resonate with me. So I opted to remake her as a Nightblade. I found a couple references to nightblade healing being very good in the hands of a skilled player. A skilled player I am not, but I accepted the challenge.

I found the above linked thread detailing some information on nightblade healing and bookmarked it for future use. For the time being I am just going to enjoy questing through the game. My plan is to do all the main content of the 3 factions, then do the DLC content for Wrothgar, Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood, do Craglorn, and get all the skyshards and delves in Cyrodil. Once I’ve completed all of that, which should take me a very long time considering I do intend to RP some and I don’t intend to be on every day, then I will turn my focus onto learning to heal.

I expect I will be more apt to clear content this time, as previously I spent a lot of time wasting money on crows so I could buy motifs and materials to craft fancy costumes. But now that I have decreed not to spend a single cent on this game then my focus should turn more towards enjoying the other content it has available.

Tomorrow I return to work. I intend to get my 10k steps, do my Daily Burn workout, eat healthy, not even look at the vending machine, and focus on getting my work done. I’ve decided not to weigh myself until the end of the month, so I wont be focused on numbers but just focus on eating right and getting exercise and steps in.

I am going to start keeping track of what I eat however.  My fitbit app doesn’t appear to track anything but calories, so I’ve got a little notebook I think I will track my meals in, so I can keep track of sodium, carbs, sugars, fat, fiber and protein as well. The tracking may not start until next week as I already meal prepped for the week and I didn’t weigh anything or keep any of the packages.

So far the new year as started with a little shiver, but I hope to build up steam.


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