Day 1 – 2017: a success


I would call today a success. Not an amazing success, I didn’t get 10,000 steps on Fitbit, I didn’t drink enough water, and I took a bit of potatoes at dinner, none of which are the end of the world, and none of which I feel terribly guilty about. Why? Because the harder stuff I accomplished.

desk1I did further cleaning and organizing of my room. My workstation for sculpting is now empty, and everything I need to sculpt miniatures resides in a perfect compartmentalized box, that in my Tiny House (when I build it) can easily be stored in a cabinet or drawer.

So, in response to my mother’s comment that she couldn’t see me clearing off the table every night to fold down my bed, I found a solution. I am now challenging myself to clear off my work station every night before bed. And just moving my mess to my desk or some other spot does not count.

I did not sculpt anything today, but I did remain relatively busy for the majority of the day, working on organizing my work station, and going through my things to see what I actually use and what I don’t. Tools and supplies I don’t use often can be relegated to less easy to access storage, such as the storage loft over the

I also made that paper towel holder out of a hanger. I did just have the roll standing but it was always falling over, and flopping open and rolling all over the place.

Then my dad made what you see in this picture to the right for me. It is a small block of wood with a thin slice cut out and a bolt drilled through it. It holds my armature nice and tight so I can work on it and have a comfortable way of holding it. The wire in the pictures is just to show how it works, that isn’t an actually armature.

Tomorrow I think I may watch all 3 hobbit movies and work on a new miniature. I’ll try to remember to take progress pictures as I go along.

But the real cherry on top of today’s cake was that I started Daily Burn again. As the picture at the very top proclaims, I started it up and did the first days exercise. 30 minutes, got my heart up pretty good, sweated some, then got in the shower.

I feel pretty good about today, and pretty damn hopeful for tomorrow.


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  1. ohthecrownshewears says:

    Yes, I love your progress & the celebration of a successful day! How do you like the Fitbit? I’ve been debating on purchasing one but I didn’t know if it was all hype or if it is a useful product.


    1. There are cheaper options than an actual fitbit, but I love it. I feel it was extremely worth the cost for me. 🙂

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      1. ohthecrownshewears says:

        Thanks for getting back to me, I really appreciated it!! I might just spurge on the Fitbit. Weight loss is an important goal of mine for twenty seventeen.


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