A Brand New Day

Yesterday I did everything that I said I would.  I went to the grocery store and got food for weekly meal prep. We actually had a lot of what I needed at the house, so I only spent about $30, and a good portion of that was divided lunch containers, and a book (impulse buy—can’t have any more of those now that it’s 2017!).

I got home and set to work cleaning my room.  Here’s some before shots:

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I didn’t do a close-up of my desk/sculpting area but you can still see that it’s a huge mess. What you can’t really see in the pictures is how much cat hair and tracked litter and bits of clay were on the floor.  I am, or at least I was (*crosses fingers*) a pretty big slob.

In the closet you can see my clean clothes are in the left, in a basket on top of my dirty clothes, instead of hanging up or folded in the dresser. And because of that my lazy ass just dumped the dirty clothes on the floor because it was easier that moving the basket to get at my dirty clothes hamper.

My laziness has always been out of control. I always take the path of least resistance. If it’s easier to just let my dirty dishes sit on my desk until they grow mold, then so be it!

But, I plan for that to change starting last night. Here are some pics of the cleaned room:

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It’s not the prettiest still, but that is partly because I have a lot of clutter. But my work station is cleaned, except for the incense I lit. My closet is cleaned, my clothes washed and everything hung up or neatly folded in the drawers. My bedding is all washed, bed made. My floor is swept and washed. I put a mat under the litter box and gave that a good scrubbing.  And I dusted all my surfaces.

I do need better organization. I have a lot of stuff on my sculpting table still. Granted it’s all stuff I use whenever I sculpt, but it still looks very cluttered. And I will be honest I do have a lot of clutter hidden away. You can’t see it but at the foot of my bed is one of those square shelves with the fabric totes in it, and those are just stuffed with unorganized stuff.

I think I still have a lot of paring down to do before I “go tiny.” But it’s gotten to the point where hard decisions need to be made.

That said, when it comes to my sculpting stuff, if miniatures is what I want to do there is a lot of stuff here that I could get rid of. I need my paints, my green stuff, my sculpey firm, my new paint brushes, my new sculpting tools (basically just the tools in the rolled up tool case) and that is really it.  Everything else I could get rid of.

I did a few paintings and my grandmother bought me a ton of canvases, but painting isn’t really my thing. So all my other non-miniature-sized brushes, my old acrylics, the canvases, and that large easel could all go.  I think I’d keep my colored clay because I may enjoy making the occasional dragon. A lot of those fabric tubs have sculpting stuff in them.

In my closet I have 3 large plastic tubs. One has all my Christmas decorations. I think for my tiny house I obviously won’t want/need or have room for the 6 foot tree and all it’s ornaments. I think I would take a small box of ornaments I could use on a much smaller tree that would fit between the end of one of the bench seats and the door of my tiny house. Just a little tree. And I may make it a “holiday tree” like both my grandmother and mother have, a simple little tree that they decorate for every holiday. Though that does require more ornaments, but not if I make it very small. Perhaps put it on a table that has storage space inside?

Also the fact that I realized I can lower the ceiling height of my bathroom and closet and have a narrow loft above them for storage gives me more options for storing stuff like Christmas decorations and art supplies.

Though I do have a lot of clutter still, it is all small clutter, but it does still need to be pared down before I move. And I need to spend the next couple of years while I plan and build NOT buying more stuff.

My mother also said something to me yesterday when I was showing her and dad the cardboard model of my tiny house that I made. She said “so if you have all your sculpting stuff on the table, you need to clear it all off to pull down your bed? I don’t see you doing that…”

To be honest, she’s right. Cleaning up after myself isn’t my strong suit. So one thing I plan to do is emulated that here. I am going to entirely clean off my sculpting table, and try to come up with a solution for easily storing and taking out my sculpting stuff, so that when I am not sculpting it’s all stored away and my table is clear. When I am sculpting I can just pull out when I need.

I have a lot of work left to do, but I woke up this morning to a clean room, and a new life. I’m excited to see how this goes!

Goals for Today: 

Sculpt, draw, or write something (ah! I wrote a blog! Done! [j/k, I’ll do something else too])
Start Daily Burn
Eat Healthy
Prep my meals for the week
Consider solutions for crafting supply storage


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