2017 – Lets Do This!

I’ve definitely lost track over the holidays. I would go so far as to say I’ve failed. I gained 10 pounds over Thanksgiving, lost it again, then gained it back over Christmas.  I am disappointed in myself that I will be starting the new year at 310 pounds, instead of the 299 that I weighed before Thanksgiving and was so proud of.

But, the important thing is that I don’t give up.

Today my room is filthy, there is stuff everywhere. My clothes are all dirty and I need to do laundry. There is still junk food leftovers from Christmas, and my entire life is in a state of disarray far different than how I want it to be, and a real backslide from where I was a couple months ago.  But today is also the final day of 2016.

15284149_10154024106087371_8648529852046041317_nI saw a quote on Facebook today. Normally I roll my eyes at those quotes slapped onto grainy feel-good sunset pictures, but this one gave me pause. “Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a Good One.”

This resonated with me in more ways than one. I already know that I want 2017 to be the year I accomplish a number of goals, but I also want it to be a year where I really change as a person for the better.

“Happy are they that hear their detractions and can put them to mending.” – Much Ado About Nothing, Act 2, Scene 3. I know my faults, I know my weaknesses. Everyone has faults and weaknesses, and I don’t expect to fix and solve every single one. Nobody is perfect. But there are ones that I can change, both physically and mentally.

This quote also reminded me that besides sculpting and drawing, I also want to write. It put things in perspective too. If I could write just 1 page a day, I’d have a 365 page book at the end of the year. That’s not a very big book, but that’s besides the point. The point is, if I had written a page a day this year, I’d have a 365 page book today. But I have no book. Because I don’t write. Except the occasional blog post. That too, has to change.

So, while I’ve lazed about the morning in my usual fashion, I will be doing a lot of things today to set myself up for starting my new life tomorrow. I will:

mealprep2Go to the grocery store.
I am going to get healthy foods to prep for the week. I’ve decided that in 2017 I won’t spend all weekend lazing about in bed and not getting dressed. Instead I will go to the grocery store and get the foods I need to prep meals for every week.

I’ve watched several videos this morning to get some meal prep ideas, and as soon as I am finished writing this blog I am going to do up a menu for myself, make a grocery list, and go to the grocery store.

I need not only food for the week, but also Tupperware containers for my meals, and I may take Alabama Gandalf’s advice and get a food scale so that I can be sure to eat the correct servings. I’ve watched several videos about meal prep on a budget and spending less than $20 a week on food for the entire week. I think as long as I’m spending less than the $250 a month I was spending on Nutrisystem then I’m good.

Cancel Amazon Prime, ESO, Audible
I’ve actually already done this for everything except Amazon. I can’t actually cancel Amazon until the final thing that I ordered arrives. The cancellation screen said something about cancelling affecting my current orders, so I didn’t want to be charged shipping for something I already bought.

I’ve elected to keep Hulu and Microsoft Office, the only other monthly subscription type things I have left. There isn’t a whole lot to binge on Hulu, they tend to just have the most recent season or the most recent few episodes of a series, so the likelyhood of me using hulu to binge-watch six seasons of a television show are slim.

The point of cancelling these is two-fold. Cancelling Amazon removes amazon prime, which removes my ability to binge shows, but also my ability to buy stuff as easily. I could still buy stuff on Amazon, I’m not cancelling my account, but without two day shipping I’d be more apt to go to the store and get what I want, which in turn either makes me more active because I get out of the house, or it makes me think twice about whether I really need something. So hopefully cancelling these things will keep me from spending too much money, and keep me from spending all my time online, in front of my computer.

Deep Clean my Room, Bathroom and Car
I want to start 2017 on a clean slate—literally. So I am going to clean and organize every nook and cranny. My sculpting table is piled with junk, my desk is cluttered, clothes are strewn on the floor, and my toilet could definitely use a good scrubbing.

I will wash all my sheets and pillow cases, even the bed my cat sleeps in, my bathroom floor mats, and the mat beneath her litter box. Everything will get a good washing and scrubbing. I’ll sweep and maybe wash the floor, I’ll take windex to my window and my desk top (its glass) and a duster to my shelves.

I want my living space to sparkle like in a cartoon when I’m done with it.

I’ll take a Shower Tonight
I spoke with Alabama Gandalf about my frustration at the odor of my room. We discussed a couple of culprits behind it, but I was thinking that perhaps it was just me, and that going to bed at the end of the day dirty was stinking up my blankets and my pajamas and my room. So, I decided to take after him, and instead of showing in the morning, I would shower in the evenings.

This also works with my plan to restart Daily Burn. I had trouble with this before because I did it in the morning, in my pajamas that are often not comfortable for that kind of thing. I think it would be easier to do in normal clothes with my sneakers on in the evenings instead. Then I can shower afterwards, put on clean pajamas, and hop into a clean bed.

With all of these things done, the plan is tomorrow to wake up prepared to start my new, cleaner, more organized and more healthy life.

Tomorrow I hope to find it easier to be the bright new me in a bright new room!

My plans for tomorrow are to get up and get dressed.
Prep my meals for the week with the groceries I got today.
Do some sculpting, drawing and/or writing.
Start up Daily Burn and do the first day’s work-out.
And maybe do something active as well. Perhaps go for a hike down one of the woodsy trails we have in the area?

My long term goals for 2017 are:

Eat Healthy
Not cheat for eating Healthy
Basically completely cut out all unhealthy, processed junk foods
Do Daily Burn (or some equivalent activity) every single day
Sculpt/Write and Draw more
Try to be a happier and nicer person
Stop my bad spending habits
Work towards my goals of
-building a tiny house,
-publishing a novel, and
-sculpting D&D minis.

Here is to a much better 2017, and a happier, healthy, more creative me!


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