A New Beginning in Tamriel

naapmngI know this is a bit drastic, but instead of disbanding my old guild, and hiding from everyone by changing my account name, I decided to get a fresh new start. I created a new account.

I wanted a new start, I new beginning. I wanted to spend some time just enjoying the game, and maybe RPing casually when the mood struck. And perhaps, eventually, joining an RP guild as just a member, so I could keep things casual.  The freedom of not having to be responsible for anything but myself, and for not feeling obligated to get on, is wonderful.

Creating a new account means I lose a lot of things. I’d gotten pretty far. All my characters were close to max level, with about 300 champion points. My “main” had obtained a lot of skill in crafting, and I’d spent months learning traits so I could craft armor.  Making a new account is forcing me to start over from scratch. I don’t have financial or crafting material support from other characters. It’s just me, my new Argonian, and the world!

Now, my old account still exists. I can’t delete it (though I could delete my characters), so it is still there. But there is nothing that I’ve put into that account that I couldn’t re-do relatively easily on my new one with just some time. I wasn’t a very strong player, so I didn’t have a lot of dyes or costumes or other things.

I’ve been debating deleting those characters, though the account would remain. I’ve spent some amount of money on the account, buying several mounts and cosmetic goodies.  The account-bound ones wouldn’t be lost if I deleted the characters. But I feel like creating this new account will help me make the choice to not spend money on a game that I don’t have to spend money on.  Now if I am sitting there thinking “I really wish I had such-and-such a mount” I will feel awful about buying it from the crown store knowing how much money I’d already sunk into the defunct account.

Okay, I know what you’re thinking (and you know who you are) you’re thinking I’m being drastic—yet again. I always seem to want to take these all-or-nothing approaches and just drastically change things that don’t call for such measures. I could—you are thinking—just stop spending money on a stupid game. I could—you argue—just put on my big girl pants, disband my guild, and roll a new character if I wanted to.

And I could, I totally could. And that’s logical, it’s very simple and logical and smart.

That’s probably why I didn’t do it.

So, I made a new account, I created my Argonian Nightblade named Scales-like-Pearls, and I intend for her to be a DPS/Healing spec.

I’m going to take my time doing the quests, take them casual like, listen to the wonderfully voiced dialogue, read the lore books, and just enjoy the game. If I run into RPers then I may join in with them. But I’m going to keep it casual, keep it low key.

And on occasion I may post some screen shots of Pearls here, with little stories of her adventures. Because oblivion knows I need more to write about. 🙂



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