Great Miniature Sculpting Tutorial Videos

Two blog posts in one day? I must be bored!

During my lunch break I posted on the subreddit for miniature sculpting showing off my first attempt. One of the responses led me to this YouTube channel of a guy named Tom Mason. I spent my lunch break watching him create an armature, apply Green Stuff, then some FIMO, and then go over some details such as muscles and faces. It was fascinating and I learned so much!

moldersI learned from this video that I desperately need some of these little tools.  These are kind of rubber-nibbed sculpting tools called “color shaper brushes” and they are made for gently molding and applying small amounts of clay, which are ideal for what I am doing.

In the videos he uses one of these, size zero, as well as 2 different metal tools (both of which I have) and an xacto knife to do the majority of his sculpting.  And these tools are very gentle and forgiving it seems, and work well to gently shape and mold and smooth. I am looking forward to trying them out!

I also emailed Mati at MassiveVoodoo who did the initial tutorial that I learned from. I asked him what paints he uses and I was surprised to get an almost instant response.  He told me he uses Vallejo paints.

paintsSo I hit up Amazon and found this set.  I asked him specifically what paints he uses to paint his hand-sculpted miniatures, because I’d come to learn that different paints work better on plastic, others work better on metal, and so I wanted to be sure that what I got worked good on baked clay.

I got this basic color set, though they also have a medieval color set that I found after I had already placed my order.  The colors don’t look too different, so I am not concerned that I will regret my purchase.  The reviews on this set were very good, and one in particular said that these are the best of the best for model painting, and he thinks are much higher quality than the Citadel paints that most miniature-painters use.

I look forward to getting them and trying them out on my next model.

brushesOf course, I couldn’t go on using all my old brushes. I don’t have any small detail brushes, and was actually using a regular brush that I cut down with scissors to disastrous results.  So I also ordered this set of brushes.  They have large brush handles for easy holding, and taper to extremely fine points.

I’ve also heard that the one angled one is invaluable for getting into crevices and little nooks and crannies that a regular brush might have trouble getting into.

All of these things should be arriving Friday. Though I also need to pick up a smaller set of pliers, as the only ones I have are far too large to do a good job bending wires for such a delicate operation as create a wire armature for a D&D mini. The video showed him using a small set of jeweler’s pliers, which I will pick up at Michaels at some point before I attempt my next sculpture.

I’ve decided to try again to sculpt my Aasimar Paladin, Sopheriel, using the techniques from the awesome video tutorials by Tom Mason.  I’m also going to see if my dad can help me make a little wooden vise like the one he uses in the videos, which he says is far preferable to wooden corks. Which I can understand. I took a good chunk of cork out when I tried removing my mini the other day, and had to try and cut it off the bottom of her feet.

He also had a great idea for putting the mini inside a mason jar, using some kind of sticky holding putty to lock it in place so that it doesn’t rattle around inside the jar. That keeps it free of lint and dust and hair when not being sculpted and even gives a larger base with which to hold the mini by.  I’m not sure I need to go that far, I may just upend a glass over my mini when I’m not sculpting, and just push it to the side of my table where it can’t get accidentally knocked about.

On my next mini that I plan to do this weekend I’ll be sure to take progress pictures throughout the entire process.


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