Overindulgence and New Years Resolutions

Despite my desire to go through the Christmas Holiday without breaking my healthy eating habits, I once again dipped into food-related debauchery and overindulged greatly this past weekend. And a busy, hectic, and exhausting weekend it was.

It began with Friday afternoon when my parents and I piled into our car to make the hour drive into Atlanta to my uncle’s impressive pre-civil-war-era mansion for Christmas Eve dinner. We sat around his massive artifact-filled living room eating deviled eggs, shrimp, and cheese and crackers while laughing and joking and pulling Christmas snap-crackers.  Soon everyone was wearing tissue-paper crowns and playing with the little toys inside. That is until my youngest cousin, 3-year old Scout, went around and tore up all the crowns. (For some reason she loves shredding tissue paper, and we need to keep all boxes of Kleenex out of her reach).

Then we had dinner, which comprised of 3 smoked chickens and 15 pounds of lamb, Great Grandma’s home made chicken noodles, salad, various veggie sides, potatoes, etc. It was a lot of food and everyone went home with copious amounts of leftovers.

Saturday my family went to church while I stayed home and did laundry so I would have clean clothes for the weekend. Church has always been boring for me. I even dislike being there for weddings and funerals. Pews are uncomfortable, and they always come with hours of listening to speeches and anecdotes, and listening to off-key and snooze worthy singing. It’s been a long time since I was in a church for a church service, but I recall being bored the entire time, zoning out and daydreaming until it was time to awkwardly stand up and pretend to sing along with gospel songs.

15731337_10154933061124295_54675248_nSo, while my family attended church I painted my first D&D miniature that I had finished baking the night before, while I waited for my clothes to run through the wash and dry.

When they got home we all got in the car again and went to my Grandparent’s house just about 15 minutes down the road. We got there around noon and from then until about 7PM we opened presents.

There are 12 of us this year, less than previous years due to a couple of unfortunate divorces, one girlfriend spending the holiday with her family instead this year, and the sad passing of the matriarch of the family, my Great-Grandmother Trudy, earlier this year. But even with only 12 the gift-given took several hours, with a small afternoon break for sandwiches and leftovers from the previous night.

knifeI received many thoughtful gifts from my very generous family. I received a book on Tiny Homes, and on Off Grid living from my parents. A comedic book on how to be a villian from a cousin. From my world-traveling uncle I got a fantastic poster of dragons that changes the 3D picture as you move your head, and a beautiful hand-made and hand-painted porcelain incense burner. He also gifted me a Boy Scout pocket knife that was my great-great-grandfather’s when he was a boy. I was very touched by this gift, and only wish I had more pants with pockets so I could carry this around with me daily.  I look forward to losing enough weight to be able to easily find jeans in my size.

I did receive some clothes, which I always dislike receiving because people always misjudge my size. It is awkward and uncomfortable for me to have to say they are too small, which is always the case. I received 4 shirts for Christmas, none of which came even close to fitting.  This always results in me crying for several minutes while I hang them up in the back of my closet after getting home Christmas evening.  There are many things I look forward to when I lose weight, and not crying myself to sleep Christmas night will be among the top ten things I look forward to most.

Speaking of which, the new year is almost upon us. Every year I make the same new years resolutions, and every year I fail in keeping them. I feel, however, that after my mild success the past few months, that 2017 will finally be the year for me.  The new year fittingly begins on a Sunday, and on that day I will wake up a changed person.

I will do the follow starting 1/1/17, and will begin this in a kind of all-or-nothing cold-turkey method.

  1. I will eat only healthy foods, trying to cut out as much processed boxed/canned/pre-packaged food as possible. Eating fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains. The exceptions will probably be things like sandwich wraps, canned black beans, and breakfast cereal bars (fiber 1, I want to make sure I’m getting my fiber!).  I will probably go grocery shopping on Sundays and also meal-prep for lunch/snacks for the week on Sundays as well.
  2. I will drink 3 of my large bottles of water a day to try and get my 8 servings of 8 ounces of water a day. The plan will be to drink 1 before lunch, one after lunch, and one after dinner. Every day.
  3. I will re-start Daily Burn, and I will do it before going to bed in the evenings, after my parents have gone to sleep. I’ve decided to do it this way instead of getting up early because, well, I don’t want to get up early. I also think it will help me sleep, which I’ve been having a lot of trouble with lately. I’ve been staying up very very late each night, then feeling awful and tired at work every day, and my productivity at work has started slipping, something I think my coworkers and supervisors have noticed. Along with Daily Burn I will attempt to fill in all the circles on my fitbit every single day. 10 flights of stairs, 30 minutes of exercise, 10k steps and 5 miles of walking, as well as getting all my water for the day, logging my calorie intake, and getting all 10 out of 10 stars for getting up and getting 250 steps an hour.
  4. I am cancelling Elder Scrolls Online subscription. I don’t need a subscription to play, and I may get on from time to time, but I’m going to end my membership and hang up my guild leader hat. I don’t have time for the responsibility of running a RP-Guild on top of everything else I want to do. ESO will be a nice relaxing break when I went to just get on and quest and such. And I do eventually want to quest through the whole game on my Sorcerer, but my desire to put time, money and dedication into the game has waned.
  5. I will not spend any money on anything I don’t absolutely need, such as paying bills, putting gas in my car, getting cat food, etc. The only exception will be getting tools for my artwork, and the occasional book or movie. I am cancelling my Prime membership, which will force me to not only pay for shipping, but remove the free two-date shipping option that makes buying stuff so easy.  I’ve got 2 items that are being shipped to me now, and the cancel screen says that cancelling now will effect these orders, so I will wait until I receive them to cancel. Then I will cancel.
  6. I will pay off my credit card.  I owe just over $4,000 on it. If I can put at least $500 a month into it I will pay it off by August. However since I got another little raise I actually have over $800 a month extra, I may be able to pay it off as early as May. But then, add on top of that, tax returns which tend to be around $600-$800 and I may actually be able to pay it off by April, or even March. Once paid off I will use it only to put gas in my car and pay it off each month in order to maintain my very good credit.
  7. Once my CC is paid off I will begin saving up all my extra money so that come this time next year I can purchase the trailer for my Tiny House and begin building it.
  8. And Lastly, but assuredly not least, I will turn my focus to sculpting, drawing, reading and writing (and writing encompasses worldbuilding and D&D as those will flex my creative muscles). These are the things I want to be doing. They are the things I want to spend my time and energy on.  I hope, by the end of the year, to have created an epic fantasy world in which to set my novel series of books I hope to write. This world will include not just geographical maps, but information on societies, magical systems, and anything that sets my world apart from others. I will be cutting back on TV consumption, just watching the handful of shows the day after they air on Hulu.


These are my resolutions. 8 of them may seem like a lot, and a lot of this is massive changes to how I live my life.  It will require making a lot of drastic changes, and it will also require my overcoming my laziness, which will be the hardest part. My mind and body will always want the path of least resistance, it will always want to just say “no, I’m going to lay here curled up in my bed watching TV, I don’t want to do anything right now” and making myself do what I don’t want to do will be the biggest challenge ever.

At least at first.
And that is my hope. That after the first couple of months these changes will just be who I am and how I function, and will be just as easy as the lazy things I do now.

But we’ll see. 🙂


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