How Small Can She Go?

I’ve been doing some more considering of sizes.  I asked Reddit about towing, about moving a THOW and got some mixed responses that lead me to believe either I can’t tow a Tiny House on Wheels from Georgia to Maine and back again each year, or I can but it needs to be REALLY tiny, durable and built with that purpose in mind.

I’m hoping the latter is true. The few people I’ve read about, Zack Giffin, Dee Williams, who travel regularly with their tiny homes have really tiny homes. Dee’s is 84 SF!

Here is a picture I found on the web of different very small trailer sizes. I’ve been staring at this image for about 30 minutes now, decorating each one in my mind and wondering how I want to do it. This image is very appropriate because each one has a bathroom with a shower, which is something my Tiny house must have. It also has a pretty small kitchen area with a small cooking surface and sink. So while things could be moved around, each trailer has the necessities I would need, if not all the things I would want.

The largest one, 126 SF is 6000 pounds, presumably with the drawn in furnishings but nothing else, so best maybe around it up another 1000 pounds for any other stuff I might put into it (not much, clothes, a mattress, maybe a futon?). Regardless all appear to be light enough to be towed by an average pick-up truck.

a89e99fbf20b946842be5290aabdf7d9I’ve also been considering style. The gypsy wagon style is something I really like, but they tend to be very tiny on the inside.  To be within size limits and not require special permits I can’t build larger than 8.5 feet across, so to have the complete curved shape that makes the interior floor space very small. They also tend to not be tall, because of the round shape, and so don’t have lofts. Instead they have raised beds with storage underneath.

I haven’t seen any with actual bathrooms, though some have compost toilets hidden under the bench that you pull out. I would not be able to handle that. Even living entirely by myself, sitting in the middle of my living room to do my business is not something I want to do.

So I think what I would do is borrow some aspects I like from Vardo/Gypsy Wagon styles and incorporate them into something with straight or slightly angled walls. This would allow for enough height to do a loft, giving me space underneath the loft for a bathroom.

I also want a small woodstove. They make very tiny ones that are vertical tube shaped and burn just a little handful of wood at a time but are more than enough to heat a small space.

I want the door on the back, maybe even with a little porch, and the kind of door where the top half can open separate of the bottom half, with a cute little window set in and little narrow windows on each side of the door.

I need to find the perfect size that is small enough to tow, but big enough to allow for a small bathroom. I want a curved roof, not pitched or flat, a small porch, it would be nice if it could be big enough for a chair but that’s not a requirement, at least two windows on each side and one in the back, a bathroom, preferably a loft, a small kitchen area, and room for a pull-out futon.

Beyond that, a fold-out table for eating on, that may be able to be big enough for a D&D game, but I am starting to think that wont be an option if I go as tiny as I want to be easily mobile.

I’ve got a lot of consideration to do. I’ve reached out to several people who presumably travel regularly with their tiny houses to get some information on sizes and towing and whatnot.  I know that the bottom option in the picture above, the 126 SF option, would fit everything I need and then some, maybe even the gaming table, but might be too big for the regular towing I want to do with it…

I have so many questions still to be answered.


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