D&D in a Tiny House?

D&D is among my favorite hobbies. After Christmas is over and I don’t need to sculpt things for presents, I want to turn my focus to sculpting my own custom miniatures. I found a fantastic tutorial on how to do it, and will order some of the supplies I would need once the holiday is over.  I intend to start with my current character for the large campaign I play with friends on Friday – and Aasimar Paladin named Sopheriel.

I have been watching episodes of Tiny House Nation, and in each episode the homeowner comes to John and Zack with an insane request, usually revolved around a hobby that requires a lot of stuff or space to do, that the hosts then have to find some inventive way to incorporate. Each time I think “these people are insane, Tiny living is not for them…this won’t work” and each time a solution is found and everyone lives Happily Every After (or so we are led to believe).

This got me to thinking… could I have my own place for sculpting?  I bet I could. I shared a video a couple posts back of an old-timey gypsy wagon tiny house that had a reading nook. I could easily replace that nook with a desk surrounded by cubbies for all my sculpting stuff if I wanted to.  So I think having a dedicated area for my sculpting isn’t going to be difficult.

5fbb10d6cebc491d4428782ff6415989But today I was watching a video of a DIY project to build a D&D gaming table, with a TV set in it for maps, and little cubbies for your books and inserts with felt for rolling dice.  I began to wonder if my tiny house could also have a place for playing D&D, a table that 6 people could comfortably sit around to play.  I started thinking about options, such as folding it down out of the wall somewhere, or up out of the floor, or down from the ceiling. I thought of, instead of a TV set in it, get a projector, angle it straight down. I found the picture here showing that being done.  I already planned on a projector instead of a TV that I could use inside on a roll-down screen, or bring outside for a kind of drive-in experience. What about mounting it in such a way so that it could be angled straight down for D&D?

My house wont be large, and if I want a table big enough for six people I will need to sacrifice space for something else. I don’t do a lot of cooking, so I wouldn’t need a big kitchen. I don’t need a stove, just a 2-burner cook top would be ideal, with a toaster oven. I don’t drink coffee or use a lot of appliances, so just one small area of counter space for food prep would do me just fine. So I could make a very minimal kitchen to make more “living space” in my tiny house.

For the Bathroom I don’t need much space either. I don’t think I would mind a “wet bath” which is the entire bathroom is the shower. I would prefer it separate, though it doesn’t need to be large. I don’t need a bathtub, and I really like the few I’ve seen that are like wine barrels.

So my minimizing the kitchen, making the bathroom perhaps a little tight, that might give me more room to have some kind of table that can fold down or open, and could seat six or so around it, perhaps with little felt-lined areas for dice rolling, and a flat white-felt surface for the projector to display the map on.  Perhaps it could be on locking rollers so it can fold down and roll against the wall.

The layout of my tiny house is starting to come together in my mind. I need to get some graph paper and work on sketching it out.  The gypsy wagon house in the video I shared is 24 feet long. With all that heavy wood it’s probably too heavy for a 10k-rated pick-up, so I may make mine a bit smaller, 20 feet, and a bit less of the heavy wood accents. I don’t entirely like the very tiny windows in it, and how dark it is, and I’m not entirely sold on the 2 sections to the roof, though I see why it was done the way it was done.

I think, however, that it gave me some great ideas, and that I think both my space for crafting and my D&D table will fit. In fact perhaps they could be one in the same! Folded up and put against the wall, perhaps with 1 leaf out when I craft, then roll it out and fold up the other for D&D. I’d just need to get some kind of board to put over it when working with clay and paint so I don’t host D&D on a big dirty clay-encrusted table.

Time to start sketching some options!


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