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lilys-life-in-a-150-sq-ft-tiny-house-002-600x337I have a couple years to think about the design and style of my tiny house. I can’t begin building until I have the trailer to put it on, and I can’t afford the trailer until I’ve saved up about $4,000 and I can’t start saving until I’ve paid off the over $4k on my credit card.  So I have a couple years to put into the design, into deciding what I want.

I’ve made a couple of decisions already. Granted I’ve got a couple years to change my mind, but I think these are design choices that will stick.

I want my house to be small enough that I would feel comfortable towing it myself. By my estimation the biggest I would be willing to go, length wise, is 20 feet. Going by the road limit of 8 feet wide that means 160 square feet of living space (not counting a loft).

Here is a video of a 120 square feet home:

I feel like I could live in that little house. I’d make a couple of design changes to the layout, but I feel like I could live in that little space.  From the video I saw a few of their off-grid choices. She mentioned a laptop, and an ipod, so the solar panels they have do seem able to charge those things.

63fbc37988fe505c7cdb87b8eabfb431I know that I want my tiny house to look a little different than the average, to be uniquely mine. I like the one pictured here, with the double french doors in the front like this, allowing them to open wide to the outside. I wouldn’t want mine to be pink, and the hanging flowers aren’t my style either, but I do like those doors.

I like the idea of a curved roof, making it look a little more like a gypsy wagon.  I understand that this would make the loft potentially a tighter space, but that is a sacrifice I’d be willing to make.

Having a gypsy wagon pulled by a gypsy vanner horse has been a little dream of mine for a long time. While an actual gypsy wagon would be a bit too small for a house, there are some design elements that I could incorporate inside my tiny house, such as the curved roof.

I could also incorporate some of the aesthetic features of a gypsy wagon. They tend to have a bit more intricate details and designs.  I wouldn’t want it to be too ostentatious, but a few design elements that make it look that style would be nice.

sszwajkos_mbhh_issue137_winter2015_133_gypsy_caravan_9975_hrrgbTake for example this little house, the “Bohemian Princess” actually found in my home state of Maine.  It is a bit smaller than I want to build, but even so it has a small bathroom, small kitchen, a bed, and a little living area.  It’s downright adorable and makes me think that I could build something just a tiny bit bigger than this, and on a trailer that could be easily towed by a standard pick-up, then I wouldn’t even have to worry about getting something expensive like a F250.

Looking at these pictures, I wouldn’t need a kitchen any larger than this. If that big bed were raised up into a loft, the kitchen and bathroom could go beneath it, making even more “living” space.  Here is another adorable example:

This one I absolutely love. All that rich wood and all those details. It is a bit dark inside perhaps, but I do really love the design. The curved roof seems to give more clearance and makes the space look bigger, and I think is visually nicer than a peak.

I love the reading nook in the one in the video, and the kitchen is the right size for me, assuming there is a fridge hidden in one of the cabinets on the other side. I just really like the style. It appears to be a bit shorter than what I normally see for tiny houses, though that could just be the curved roof. It has a loft over the bathroom and reading nook.


I just love the design of these gypsy wagon style ones. And I also feel like it will be more forgiving for me to use recycles stuff and cobble together what I can from old-timey things that I find.

I saw one tiny house in a video last night that had a window on the size that could slid open like an accordion, opening up a huge area of the side of the wall of the house.  I thought that was kind of neat too.

I don’t need a lot of space. I’ve never been one to have, want or need a lot of clothes, and most of the stuff that I’ve gotten rid of has been knickknack type things that aren’t usable or functional but only serve to display the kinds of things I like.  The actual things I use on a day to day basis… a laptop/tablet, sketchbook and pencils, sculpting stuff, these could fit in a backpack or small suitcase with room to spare.

I have no reservations that I could live in a tiny place.  And the smaller the place, the easier it will be to move, the less electricity it will need because it will have fewer lights, and the more aerodynamic it will be I think, going down the highway.

I’m very excited to try and draw some potential designs for my gypsy wagon tiny house!



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