My Towing Conundrum

10426164_10153155532189295_5583168640767534822_nI have a problem I am trying to work out, and sometimes writing about things helps me to figure them out. Often, by the time I get to the end of writing my post, I’ve decided what I want to do. I hope that happens here.

I drive a 2007 Toyota Yaris 3-door. I love this car to death. I call it The Blueberry, and we’ve been through some adventures.  The picture here is when I drove from where I live now in Georgia to visit a friend for her graduation from an equestrian school in West Virginia.  During a blizzard. I got stuck four different times in snowbanks. Ah… memories.

He’s got a little over 90k miles, and I’ve recently had to replace the front axle, rotors and the alternator for the second time (first replacement was a dud). Aside from those, up until now repairs have been very minor. This February will be my little car’s 10th Birthday. I drove him right off the showroom floor at a Toyota dealership in Maine ten years ago, and we’ve been together ever since. I had this car even before I had a license. I learned to drive with this car.  I honestly feel that parting with it would almost be like parting with a friend, or a member of my family. Not going to lie…I’d probably cry.

But now I’m going to be building a tiny house. And the dream is to summer in Maine, winter in Georgia, and maybe even do some traveling. Maybe go to Texas and visit with family and a friend who lives out there. Maybe check out some sights like New Orleans, the Grand Canyon, California, maybe go all the way to Alaska, I don’t know!  But at the very very least, I’d be have to move it twice a year, once to bring it up to Maine, and once to take it back south.

So here is my conundrum.  I have three options, as I see it.

Option 1: Pay to have it moved
This option is simple, I pay someone else to move it. They come and get it, and deliver it to the location where it will be parked.  The pros of this one is it is the easiest and maybe even cheapest option. I don’t have to worry about anything, and I can follow it up in my car. The downside is I’d have to have it moved every time I want to move it, so no spontaneous travel, taking it to Texas for a week might not be something easily done. And it wouldn’t be traveling, I couldn’t stop at camp grounds along the way and stay in my tiny house, I’d have to stay in hotels and meet my house at the destination.  This is probably the best option if all I intend to do is move it twice a year, once to Maine and once back down to Georgia.

Option 2: Rent a truck and move it myself
This is a viable option and gives me a bit more freedom to be spontaneous. If I want to go to Texas for a week I can rent a truck and be on my way. I could do this for my trips to Maine and Georgia too.  The cons here is that it might end up being a bit more expensive because of gas (but still cheaper than option 3) and I’d have to rent a truck every time I want to move it. I also have no idea what I would do with my car. Can I hitch it behind my tiny house? I’ve done a lot of research but I’ve never seen pictures of that. Would I just have to leave my car behind? I could get something like a little motor bike or motorized scooter, like a Vespa, that could fit inside my tiny house when I travel. Leave my car behind when I travel and just use my vespa. They aren’t expensive, I could get one for around $3,000.

ski5Option 3: Trade in the Blueberry for a truck
This option has the most freedom. I could take my house anywhere whenever I want for whatever reason. Campground says I gotta go? No problem. Want to visit my sister for the holiday’s? Sure. I can pick up and go whenever, wherever. I’d also have extra storage space in the bed. I could get a kayak, or a bicycle, fishing gear, whatever kinds of new outdoorsy hobbies I want to get into. Or if I got a vespa or some kind of scooter, that could fit in the bed.  But as great as the pros are, the cons are equally bad. I’d have to say goodbye to the Blueberry. Trucks are gas guzzlers, I’d either have to pay three or four times what I pay for gas now, or get something like a scooter for day-to-day driving and just use my truck for towing my house and any errands that might require. I wouldn’t want to get a brand new $50k truck and have $600 a month car payments, so I’d probably end up looking for something used, which could have a bunch of headaches as far as keeping it running goes. I highly doubt I could get an even trade for my Yaris for a truck with enough towing capacity to haul my house.  But if I got it before I started building, I could have a truck to use to go collect supplies and building materials for my house.

I am really lost as to what to do. Each option has it’s pros and cons.

Most people have suggested option 1 or 2 as being the best financially. I think that they are right. I wouldn’t have to get rid of my beloved Blueberry, and I wouldn’t have to pay a ton for a truck, plus the higher gas mileage.  My parents have a small trailer and an SUV that could be used for when I need to get building materials for my house.

But still… I have trouble letting go of the absolutely freedom of option three.  However I do need to ask myself how much is my leanings towards option 3 because of my tendency to spend frivolously, and how much as legitimate reasons/desires for that option?

I have plenty of time to continue to mull this over, to get more advice and consider my options. I’m still torn, though I am thinking that option 2 seems the most financially viable, with still maintaining some amount of freedom.


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